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Sunny by Sukh Ojla


Valentine’s Day Competition!


Very exciting news today. As publication day draws nearer (eek!) I’ve put together my official Date Night Survival Kit to give away to one of you! I picked out all the things that I need for before and after a date, things that I would want and use.


All you have to do is comment with what your biggest red flag is on the competition post here.

The Ts and Cs are here, and the competition opens on the 12th February and ends on the 15th, so be sure to wait until then!





NYE Playlist


If you’re looking for your next big night out playlist, look no further. I, Sunny, generously supply you, the reader, with 77 carefully curated songs destined for dancing.

Over 5 hours of a good time, covering everything from the Pon De Replay through to Choli Ke Peeche.

Thank me later, and have a great night out/in with this playlist!



Q: What Are Boring Dates Good For?

A: As I tuck into my giant plate of food, slathering my butter thickly on my toast, I let him drone on about his job as a support worker, whilst thinking about what to cook for dinner tonight and whether it’s best to do a big shop tonight or tomorrow morning. And am I too old for those glow in the dark stick on stars for my bedroom? Surely there must be a version for grown-ups on Etsy. Boring dates that aren’t going to go anywhere are the perfect opportunity to catch up on life admin and daydreams.




One of my Mum’s favourite pastimes is pointing out my inadequacies. They are, in no particular order:

– Not being able to drive

– Being unmarried

– Having uncontrollable facial hair

– Being shortsighted

– Eating too many snacks

– Being fat

– Buying too many clothes

– Having short hair

– Not being a doctor

– Not owning a buy-to-let property

– Not going to the gurdwara regularly

What do your parents just LOVE to point out? Let me know!



Hey all, I’m back, with an exciting announcement – just in time for anyone celebrating Diwali and Bandi Chhor Divas! The proofs of my book have arrived and they are so bright and happy and gorgeous… me in book form (or not). So crazy that soon it will be read by YOU!




Hello, readers.

My cover reveal happened! Very excited, had to share. Hope you love it, it so looks like me!


Hello, world! Here I am, oversharing again!

Why? Because I have a book coming out, and my publisher told me I had to. So I thought I’d start with a post about the book I am writing.

If you can relate to any of the following, then hopefully you will enjoy reading it. It comes out March 2022 – get it in your diaries!

● Do you feel like everyone has their life figured out apart from you?

● Are double carbs one of the few joys in your life right now?

● Do you spend an unhealthy amount of time fantasising about your dream life?

● Have you sought happiness in the arms of another? (Be honest)

● Have you ever had to hide a tinny in your underwear drawer?

● Do you feel like you’re living a double life?

● Have you sat through yet another boring date wondering what to have for dinner?

● Do you live for the weekend?

● If you met your uni friends now, would you choose to be friends with them?

● Do you sometimes feel sad for no reason and find it difficult to get out of bed?

If you ticked one or more of these boxes, don’t worry. In the words of the seminal 1997 hit by one hit wonders Olive, you’re not alone.

Speak soon,

Disclaimer: Sunny is a fictional character, created by Sukh Ojla. This fictional blog is run by Hodder & Stoughton. However, if you fall for her as much as we have, you can pre-order Sunny here.