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Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult is the author of twenty-four internationally bestselling novels, including My Sister's Keeper, The Storyteller and Small Great Things, and has also co-written two YA books with her daughter Samantha van Leer, Between the Lines and Off the Page. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and children. Jodi's UK website is www.jodipicoult.co.uk and she can be found on Facebook and Twitter at facebook.com/JodiPicoultUK and twitter.com/jodipicoult. She also has a YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/JodiPicoultOfficial.
Hodder Paperbacks

Small Great Things

By Jodi Picoult


The best books make you see differently. This is one of them. The eye-opening new novel from Jodi Picoult, with the biggest of themes: birth, death, and responsibility.

When a newborn baby dies after a routine hospital procedure, there is no doubt about who will be held responsible: the nurse who had been banned from looking after him by his father.

What the nurse, her lawyer and the father of the child cannot know is how this death will irrevocably change all of their lives, in ways both expected and not.

Small Great Things is about prejudice and power; it is about that which divides and unites us.

It is about opening your eyes.


There is a fire raging, and we have two choices: we can turn our backs, or we can try to fight itThe most important novel Jodi Picoult has ever writtenA thought-provoking and unputdownable novel about race and prejudice that shows Picoult at her very best.No book could be more timely in its message than Small Great Things . . . The story prodded me to take a good, hard look at my own biases and preconceptionsThe book makes for a harrowing and at times heartbreaking read but is absolutely brilliant. It deserves to be read by everyoneThe narrative rips along at a great pace, she writes dialogue like a pro, and her suspenseful control of the courtroom scenes is masterfully done.[Picoult] offers a thought-provoking examination of racism in America today, both overt and subtle. Her many readers will find much to discuss in the pages of this topical, moving book.The eye-opening new novel and Sunday Times bestseller from Jodi Picoult, with the biggest of themes: birth, death, and responsibility.

[first stripe]

Ruth is a nurse who lives in a good neighbourhood, with a son of whom she could not be more proud.

Kennedy is a lawyer who prides herself on the work she does with disadvantaged minorities.

Turk is a man who believes in the ultimate supremacy of the white race - devastated by the tragic death of his newborn son.

[second stripe]

As a grieving father cries for justice, the hospital seeks a scapegoat: and Ruth could lose everything she has worked so hard to build.

[third stripe]

There is a fire raging, and we have two choices: we can turn our backs, or we can try to fight it. Yes, talking about racism is hard to do, and yes, we stumble over the words - but we who are white need to have this discussion among ourselves. Because then, even more of us will overhear, and - I hope - the conversation will spread.

Author's Note

[fourth stripe]

'This is a writer who understands her characters inside and out.'
Roxane Gay, NYT

Phenomenal hardback sales performance took Jodi Picoult to a whole new level.This is set to be the paperback of the summer: a life-changing read about topics that are not going away.Bigger potential audience than ever before with brilliant gender-neutral package.

Stephen King

Stephen King is the bestselling author of more than fifty books. His novels include Carrie, The Shining and Revival. His novel Under the Dome is now a major TV series. His novel 11.22.63 won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Mystery/Thriller as well as the Best Hardcover Book Award from the International Thriller Writers Association.

Many of his books have been turned into celebrated films including Misery, The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. Over the years, King has had various cameo roles in film adaptations of his books as well as playing rhythm guitar in the Rock Bottom Remainders, a rock and roll band made up of some of America's bestselling and best-loved writers

He was the recipient of the 2003 National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. He lives with his wife, novelist Tabitha King, in Maine, USA.

Hodder Paperbacks


By Stephen King

NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE - Stephen King's terrifying classic.

'They float...and when you're down here with me, you'll float, too.'

Derry, Maine is just an ordinary town: familiar, well-ordered for the most part, a good place to live.

It is a group of children who see - and feel - what makes Derry so horribly different. In the storm drains, in the sewers, IT lurks, taking on the shape of every nightmare, each one's deepest dread. Sometimes is appears as an evil clown named Pennywise and sometimes IT reaches up, seizing, tearing, killing . . .

Time passes and the children grow up, move away and forget. Until they are called back, once more to confront IT as IT stirs and coils in the sullen depths of their memories, emerging again to make their past nightmares a terrible present reality.

One of the greatest storytellers of our timeA writer of excellence . . . King is one of the most fertile storytellers of the modern novel.Film tie-in for the new 2017 film, which will be in theatres from September 8th.Stephen King has been described by the Guardian as 'one of the greatest storytellers of our time', by the Mirror as a 'genius' and by The Sunday Times as 'one of the most fertile storytellers of the modern novel.' In 2003, he was given the National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. He lives with his wife, the novelist Tabitha King, for most of the year in Maine, USA.Huge buzz for the new 2017 remake of IT - King has tweeted that it 'succeeds beyond his expectations'A classic bestseller from the master whose most recent novel END OF WATCH went straight to No. 1 in the charts2017 is bumper year for Stephen King - July sees the release of the hugely anticipated The Dark Tower movie starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey and September will see a huge marketing campaign for both Stephen King Day (his 70th birthday) and publication of the new novel by Stephen King and Owen King Sleeping BeautiesKing has written several other stories about children and group of children, including 'The Body' in Different Seasons which was turned into the film Stand By Me. The small town of Derry is the setting for several of King's novels including Insomnia, Dreamcatcher and part of 11.22.63.

John Grisham

John Grisham as a child dreamed of being a professional baseball player. After graduating from law school at Ole Miss in 1981, he went on to practice law for nearly a decade, specialising in criminal defense and personal injury litigation. One day, Grisham overheard the harrowing testimony of a twelve-year-old rape victim and was inspired to start a novel exploring what would have happened if the girl's father had murdered her assailants. Getting up at 5 a.m. every day to get in several hours of writing time before heading off to work, Grisham spent three years on A Time to Kill and finished it in 1987.

His next novel, The Firm, spent 47 weeks on The New York Times bestseller list and became the bestselling novel of 1991. Since then, he has written one novel a year, including The Client, The Pelican Brief, The Rainmaker and The Runaway Jury.

Today, Grisham has written a collection of stories, a work of non-fiction, three sports novels, five kids' books, and many legal thrillers. His work has been translated into 42 languages. He lives near Charlottesville, Virginia.

Mulholland Books

A Map of the Dark

By Karen Ellis

A thrilling new FBI series for fans of Tess Gerritsen and Karin Slaughter.

'Elsa is an unforgettable central character, damaged but determined . . . A perfect, deeply satisfying thriller that grips right to the end' Jane Casey, author of Let the Dead Speak


A girl missing
A woman, searching
A killer, planning...

FBI Agent Elsa Myers finds missing people.
She knows how it feels to be lost...

Though her father lies dying in a hospital north of New York City, Elsa cannot refuse a call for help. A teenage girl has gone missing from Forest Hills, Queens, and during the critical first hours of the case, a series of false leads hides the fact that she did not go willingly.

With each passing hour, as the hunt for Ruby deepens into a search for a man who may have been killing for years, the case starts to get underneath Elsa's skin. Everything she has buried - her fraught relationship with her sister and niece, her self-destructive past, her mother's death - threatens to resurface, with devastating consequences.

In order to save the missing girl, she may have to lose herself...and return to the darkness she's been hiding from for years.

A Map of the Dark is a compelling and moving story of buried secrets and hidden demonsVivid, compelling and emotionally engaging, as the best crime novels are. Elsa is an unforgettable central character, damaged but determined. You know you are in good hands as the plot skilfully brings her past and her family into the investigation.... A perfect, deeply satisfying thriller that grips right to the end.A terrific novel, wonderfully written, richly populated, and utterly gripping from start to finishA riveting, breathless novel, equal parts police procedural and emotional personal journey. Karen Ellis's twisty plot, dark storytelling, and nail-biting action kept me reading far too late into the night. A triumph!A beautifully rendered portrait of familial grief, loss, and decades-old demons wrapped inside a terrific race-against-time thriller starring a believably flawed heroine. I hope we haven't seen the last of FBI agent Elsa MyersOne of the most compelling psychological thrillers I've read in a long time...grabs you from the very first page and does not loosen its grip. I read this book in a day - I simply could not put it down - but I will be thinking about it for much longer.A taut, tense, exciting read with a sharp and very human protagonist.Deftly plotted and packed with blind curves, A Map of the Dark careens into dangerous territory, where Karen Ellis entwines complex storylines with breakneck precision. A must-read for fans of taut, unpredictable psychological suspense.Readers will savor getting to know this singular heroine, a cop who feels the call of a lost child as sharply as the knife's edge that she uses to score her own skin.Compelling...a solid choice for readers who enjoy Tana French's Dublin Murder Squad series.A riveting tale that begs to be read in one sitting. Readers who enjoy police procedurals and Karin Slaughter's thrillers will delight in discovering a new voice.A thrilling new FBI series with a brilliant, troubled lead: perfect for fans of Tess Gerritsen, Karin Slaughter and Lisa Gardner.Karen Ellis is the pseudonym of Katia Lief, the author of several internationally bestselling crime novels, including The Money Kill, the fourth installment of her Karin Schaeffer series published in 2013 and nominated for the Mary Higgins Clark Award. She teaches fiction writing at The New School in Manhattan and lives with her family in Brooklyn, New York.A fantastic character, and the start of a big female-focussed crime series for fans of Rizzoli & Isles, Without a Trace and Bones.Ellis's track record is strong. As Katia Lief, she is the author of four books in the Karin Schaeffer series, and several standalones. Her novel One Cold Night was one of the UK's top selling digital publications in 2012; and Kobo's bestselling crime novel between 2011 and 2016.Sold in the US and Germany with more rights sales to come.Excellent quotes coming in from her fellow writers nine months before publication, with more expected.
Hodder & Stoughton

Parenting The Sh*t Out Of Life

By Mother Pukka, Papa Pukka
For people who happen to be parents (or might be soon). Because, for every turdy nappy you sadly deposit into a gag-reflex-inducing bin, there's a moment that's less sh*t around the corner.

Anna Whitehouse is a blogger and journalist, having previously worked as Vice Editor at Time Out Amsterdam and copywriter for L'Oreal, Anna quit her job and founded motherpukka.co.uk.

Matt Farquharson is a journalist, freelance editor, and copywriter.

Together they are Mother and Papa Pukka. They have two daughters and bags under their eyes.

Mother Pukka has over 120,000 followers on Instagram, as well as over 14,000 followers on Facebook and a much-loved parenting blog with over 40,000 monthly visitors.The mummy-bloggers are the new, immovable force in the digital space and mother's all over the world are finding support and common ground in this online arena. The rise of parenting blogs is a trend that hasn't gone unnoticed and there has been a lot of recent success publishing in to this space: The Unmumsy Mum (138k copies) and Hurrah for Gin (over 100k copies).Mother & Papa Pukka host the Dirty Mother Pukka podcast which hit #3 on the iTunes audio podcasts charts when it was released in May 2017.Mother Pukka is the force behind and founder of Flex Appeal a campaign for flexible working for men and women across the nation. Her Flex Appeal flash mobs across the UK draw huge crowds and ever growing support.The demographic of Mother Pukka's audience is 90% female. Her audience are predominantly mothers, or mothers-to-be - 50% of them are aged between 25-34 and 20% are aged 34-44. Women in this age demographic are proven to be the most dedicated and faithful book buyers.
Hodder & Stoughton

Thinking Out Loud

By Rio Ferdinand



'A lacerating account ... painful but necessary' EVENING STANDARD

'Beautiful & significant ... Tackles grief with honesty' DAWN FRENCH

'Very important and moving book' ALASTAIR CAMPBELL

'A searingly honest book. So much of Rio's emotional turmoil and deep loss resonated with me. At the same time I loved his message of hope' GLORIA HUNNIFORD

'Rio's courageous story of life, loss, grief and hope' PRIMA CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE, 'Best of the Celebrity Crop'

'Tender, heartbreaking ... An extraordinary and unforgettable book. *****' HEAT

* * * * * *

'When Rebecca died, the idea that one day I might begin to feel better would have struck me as laughable ... I know how persuasive this kind of permanence thinking can be.

I know too that anyone locked in its grip will laugh if I promise them that their pain will one day ease. It will. Of course it will. But I know better than to expect anyone to believe me.'

In 2015, former England football star Rio Ferdinand suddenly and tragically lost his wife and soulmate Rebecca, aged 34, to cancer. It was a profound shock and Rio found himself struggling to cope not just with the pain of his grief, but also with his new role as both mum and dad to their three young children.

Rio's BBC1 documentary, Being Mum and Dad, touched everyone who watched it and won huge praise for the honesty and bravery he showed in talking about his emotions and experiences. His book now shares the story of meeting, marrying and losing Rebecca, his own and the family's grief - as well as the advice and support that get him through each day as they strive to piece themselves back together. Thinking Out Loud is written in the hope that he can inspire others struggling with loss and grief to find the help they need through this most difficult of times.

'Achingly raw and emotional''Tender, heartbreaking ... An extraordinary and unforgettable book *****''Rio's honesty is astonishing, and will change how men grieve and how men think about their feelings. This is a ground-breaking book''Ferdinand's powerful new book [is] a detailed and inevitably very raw description of how he has tried to cope with life after the loss of his wife''So much more than your standard, brittle career retrospective ... A winningly open account of the former Manchester United captain's attempt to cope with life and fatherhood after the loss of his wife, Rebecca, to cancer - realities for which Ferdinand was scarcely prepared by the world of top-level football, a bubble so minutely protective that even the clipping of his toenails was done for him''Rio Ferdinand's Thinking Out Loud ... is a lacerating account ... This painful but necessary book is written with the Guardian journalist Decca Aitkenhead, who has herself lost a partner. Not very Christmassy, perhaps, but probably the best way to spend your £20 in the celeb market this year'The courageous and moving story of former England and Manchester United footballer Rio Ferdinand's sudden and tragic loss of his wife Rebecca to cancer. Written to help others through their grief, he shares, openly and honestly, the hard journey he's on with his three young children and the support and advice that's getting them through.

Rio Ferdinand is a former England footballer who also played football for Manchester United during Sir Alex Ferguson's time as manager. Rio played 81 times for England and in 3 World Cups, and is one of the most decorated footballers of all time.

He had his first son with Rebecca in 2006 and they married in 2009, going on to have two more children before her death in May 2015 from cancer.

Rio is now a TV football pundit for BT Sport and as well as his BBC documentary on bereavement, Being Mum and Dad, has made a short Heads Together charity film with Prince Harry on mental health. He is also working alongside Child Bereavement and Jigsaw.

The first book from one of England's most successful footballers to open up about the pain and difficulty of grief, especially for men. Rio Ferdinand would like this book to inspire many others to find the help they need.Rio Ferdinand's BBC1 documentary Being Mum and Dad was watched by over 10 million viewers, and the response to its honesty and courage was huge across all media.Amongst the many great reviews the Guardian described the documentary as 'a bold and important film . . . very moving, very human' while the Telegraph gave it four stars and called it 'a shattering examination of grief' and 'a genuine emotional odyssey'.Rio has 8m followers on Twitter, 6.2m on Facebook, 2.1m on Instagram and 368,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel Rio Ferdinand Presents FIVE.He will promote fully on publication, including major events in London and Manchester.Rio is working alongside the Princes' charity Heads Together, as well as Child Bereavement and Jigsaw.
Hodder & Stoughton

A Damned Serious Business

By Gerald Seymour

'The novel is an absorbing briefing on cyberwarfare as well as a masterclass in characterisation' SUNDAY TIMES Thriller of the Month

There is a new cold war raging and its frontline warriors are Russian hackers - gang-members working freelance for the FSB, successor to the KGB. Massive thefts of personal information, electoral interference, catastrophic disruption of commercial and social services, banks, airlines, even whole countries disabled - this is happening now.

Nicknamed 'Boot' because of his obsession with the Duke of Wellington and the battle of Waterloo, Edwin Coker is a case officer at the Vauxhall headquarters of MI6. When a young hacker falls into his hands and reveals details of a secret meeting, Boot conceives a daring plan to strike back - not with a computer virus of his own, but with a bomb that will seriously damage the Russian operation, spreading fear and distrust.

Now Boot and his little team need a 'deniable' handler to deliver the explosives across the border from Estonia into Russia and bring the hacker back out. They turn to Merc, an ex-soldier fighting in Iraq, a gun-for-hire who knows how to get out of a tight spot. They hope.

From the moment Merc sets out to cross the River Narva things do not go to plan and when the hacker's sister becomes involved, his mission turns from tough to near impossible. The scene is set for a classic story of pursuit and evasion and an epic battle for survival.

He now writes better endings than anyone else, and the extended finale is particularly brilliantly orchestrated.Ask aficionados who is Britain's finest thriller writer, and many would answer the veteran Gerald Seymour... A Damned Serious Business sees him once again firing on all cylinders...The hazardous mission is palm-sweatily convincingPraise for Gerald SeymourSeymour expertly marshals his plot as Jago inches ever closer to the heart of darkness. A thoroughly engrossing thriller.A first-rate thriller with all the strengths of his recent work: audacity, believability, impeccable pacing, [and] a rich, diverse ensemble of supporting characters.Seymour is, quite simply, one of the finest thriller writers in England.Seymour is not one to cut corners. He does his research, thinks hard about his story and gives us richly imagined novels that bristle with authenticity.Discerning thriller readers can safely say that the best practitioner currently working in the UK is the veteran Seymour. He is, quite simply, the most intelligent and accomplished in the current field.Gerald Seymour is rightly considered one of the best thriller writers in the world...This latest adventure is plucked straight from the headlinesA high-octane, hugely topical novel from 'the best thriller writer in the world' (Daily Telegraph)

Gerald Seymour exploded onto the literary scene in 1975 with the massive bestseller HARRY'S GAME. The first major thriller to tackle the modern troubles in Northern Ireland, it was described by Frederick Forsyth as 'like nothing else I have ever read' and it changed the landscape of the British thriller forever.

Gerald Seymour was a reporter at ITN for fifteen years. He covered events in Vietnam, Borneo, Aden, the Munich Olympics, Israel and Northern Ireland. Each of his acclaimed thrillers is deeply researched and delivers a topical, high-octane read.

Hugely topical with almost daily stories in the press about Russian cyber threatAnd British troops deployed to Estonia in NATO show of force in MarchClassic Seymour narrative of lone operator with a sense of honour - however his bosses are prepared to behaveTHE modern thriller writer who takes on the issues of the day with brilliant storytellingJERICHO'S WAR was Thriller of the Month in The Sunday Times

Gerald Seymour

Gerald Seymour exploded onto the literary scene in 1975 with the massive bestseller HARRY'S GAME. The first major thriller to tackle the modern troubles in Northern Ireland, it was described by Frederick Forsyth as 'like nothing else I have ever read' and it changed the landscape of the British thriller forever.

Gerald Seymour was a reporter at ITN for fifteen years. He covered events in Vietnam, Borneo, Aden, the Munich Olympics, Israel and Northern Ireland. He has been a full-time writer since 1978.

Gerald was interviewed recently on Andrew Marr's Sleuths, Spies and Sorcerers on BBC TV.


Get Fit, Get Happy

By Harry Judd

Get Fit, Get Happy isn't about just transforming the way you look.
It's about transforming the way you feel.

Harry Judd is a member of the hugely successful bands McFly and McBusted who have headlined Hyde Park, notched up 19 hit singles - of which 7 went to number one - and 2 number-one albums. He is a much-loved former Strictly Come Dancing champion and has been crowned the nation's favourite ever winner of the show.

And yet in spite of this success, there have been times when Harry has been prone to anxiety and other mental health issues. He's not alone. Today, anxiety, depression and other mental health problems affect more of us than ever before and we are all looking for ways to adapt, cope and survive the pressures of daily life.

The one thing that Harry has turned to time and time again to redress the balance in his life is fitness. Now, using a combination of exercise and dance, Harry makes the mood-boosting benefits of fitness accessible for everyone. Young or old, male or female, small or large, tall, short, thin, fat or somewhere in the middle: anyone will be inspired by Get Fit, Get Happy. Without any need for expensive kit or lots of time, Harry's approach is fun, fast, free.

Part memoir in which Harry tells the life lessons that he has learned, and part richly researched fitness plan to get you feeling more positive, Get Fit, Get Happy is a fitness revolution to help people find a little more happiness in their lives.

Get Fit, Get Happy is less a shouty set of instructions and more like a chat with your best mate, and, in the massively oversaturated health and fitness market, it's a true breath of fresh air.

Get Fit, Get Happy isn't about just transforming the way you look.
It's about transforming the way you feel.

Harry Judd is a member of the hugely successful bands McFly and McBusted who have headlined Hyde Park, notched up 19 hit singles - of which 7 went to number one - and 2 number one albums. He is a much-loved former Strictly Come Dancing champion.The first part of the book is autobiographical as Harry talks about his own anxieties and experiences of obsessive behaviour - something he has not talked about widely before - and this personal experience is at the heart of the book.Harry also wants to use this book to bring families together: to encourage parents to help keep their children active and to help families find new ways to spend time with one another in a fun way.Every year, one in four people will encounter a mental health problem. Depression, anxiety and eating disorders are rife. One in five men will experience anxiety at some point in their life. A staggering 41% of 16-25 year olds in the UK are more anxious than a year ago. In a climate of uncertainty, anxiety and other related mental health issues are something that affect more of us than ever before and we are all looking for ways to adapt, cope and survive. We are living in a time when anxiety is the national mood and people are looking for ways to deal with it.This is something of a personal passion for Harry, he has been researching the area for a year and has plans for a full revolution which includes the book but also TV and a series of major national events.Publication will be supported by a full publicity and marketing campaign, with huge events and social media to reach from Christmas gift buying into the new year, new you space of 2018.
JM Originals


By Fiona Mozley


'A quiet explosion of a book, exquisite and unforgettable' The Economist

'A cleverly constructed rural Gothic fable . . . Elmet is a marvellous achievement' TLS

'Pastoral idyll, political exposé, cosy family saga and horror tale, it reads like a traditional children's story that turns into a gangster film: Hansel and Gretel meets The Godfather' Sunday Times

Daniel is heading north. He is looking for someone. The simplicity of his early life with Daddy and Cathy has turned menacing and fearful. They lived apart in the house that Daddy built for them in the woods with his bare hands. They foraged and hunted.

Cathy was more like their father: fierce and full of simmering anger. Daniel was more like their mother: gentle and kind. Sometimes, their father disappeared, and would return with a rage in his eyes. But when he was at home, he was at peace. He told them that the little copse in Elmet was theirs alone. But that wasn't true. Local men, greedy and watchful, began to circle like vultures. All the while, the terrible violence in Daddy grew.

Brutal and beautiful in equal measure, Elmet is a compelling portrayal of a family living on the fringes of contemporary society, as well as a gripping exploration of the disturbing actions people are capable of when pushed to their limits.

A quiet explosion of a book, exquisite and unforgettableElmet is in so many ways a wonder to behold. It is also this year's David among the predictable Goliaths on the Booker list. How thrilling if David were to win against themA work of troubling beauty . . . Brutal, bleak, etherealMozley is a gifted writer . . . Pastoral idyll, political exposé, cosy family saga and horror tale, it reads like a traditional children's story that turns into a gangster film: Hansel and Gretel meets The GodfatherAn impressive slice of contemporary noir steeped in Yorkshire legend . . . Elmet possesses a rich and unfussy lyricismA rare find of a book and a truly startling debut . . . a fascinating and unique tale shot through with gothic elements of Yorkshire folklore and fable. A poignant and powerful story, relevant now more than ever in a time when many in the countryside feel disenfranchised and unheard, Elmet packs a punchRhythmic and lilting . . . a rich and earthy tale At its best, it reminds you of Cormac McCarthy's The RoadA cleverly constructed rural Gothic fable written in palatably simple prose . . . Elmet is a marvellous achievementA novel that straddles the centuries, simultaneously modern and backward-looking, Hardeyesque yet fully engaged with contemporary politicsWith subtle colloquial dialogue and vibrant descriptive passages, this is an evocative read, which deserves attentionSpellbinding . . . What is so memorable is the sense of utter desolation of this family. They are as outside our world as Lear and Edgar on the HeathAn amazingly brilliant debut novel . . . and a work of extraordinary Yorkshire grit . . . exquisiteLyrical and mythic . . . a beguiling patchwork of influences held together by Mozley's distinct voiceA magical debut novel . . . this dazzling debut feels steeped in a more primitive, violent past . . . in seductively poetic prose, the book shines a light on the toll of power wielded cruelly, as well as on a countering force: the extraordinary sustenance family devotion can provideFiona Mozley's remarkable debut looks at life on the margins of society . . . A darkly evocative tale that lingers in one's mindA cracking read. Darkly lyrical and full of violence, Mozley's Yorkshire owes something to Ted Hughes, something to older, deeper folk tales and fables. She's a name to watchThe breakout debut was the surprise dark horse on the Man Booker shortlist this year. A restless, fiercely felt novel about the deep bonds within an outlaw family in rural Yorkshire, it combines a demanding lyrical intensity with passages of astonishing violence and marks out Mozley, not yet 30, as a writer of great promiseAn atmospheric and thrilling debut set in Yorkshire - perfect for fans of The Loney and The Essex SerpentFiona Mozley was born in Hackney but grew up in York and studied at Cambridge before moving to Buenos Aires for a year - without speaking any Spanish. After briefly working at a literary agency in London, she moved back to York to complete a PhD in Medieval Studies. She also has a weekend job at The Little Apple Bookshop in York. Elmet is her first novel and has been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2017.This is Fiona Mozley's first novel and she is a real talent for the future - she already knows how to expertly tell a storyWill appeal to fans of The Loney and Our Endless Numbered DaysElmet is a book that is pertinent to a post-Brexit climate. It deals with a family on the margins of society in the post-industrial north of England - the people who, we are told, voted disproportionally to leaveFiona Mozley works at The Little Apple Bookshop in High Petergate, YorkShortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2017Rights sold in 14 territories
Two Roads

The Keeper of Lost Things

By Ruth Hogan

*WINNER OF RICHARD AND JUDY AUTUMN BOOK CLUB 2017 - 'One of the most charming novels either of us has read. Don't lose it. Keep it' Richard & Judy*
*The perfect holiday read, recommended by thousands of readers*
*One of the Mail on Sunday's 'Best books for the beach this summer'*

Meet the 'Keeper of Lost Things'...
Once a celebrated author of short stories now in his twilight years, Anthony Peardew has spent half his life collecting lost objects, trying to atone for a promise broken many years before.

Realising he is running out of time, he leaves his house and all its lost treasures to his assistant Laura, the one person he can trust to fulfil his legacy and reunite the thousands of objects with their rightful owners.

But the final wishes of the 'Keeper of Lost Things' have unforeseen repercussions which trigger a most serendipitous series of encounters...

'The first book I read in 2017 - and if another as good comes along in the next 12 months, I'll eat my special gold reviewing spectacles' Daily Mail

And if you loved The Keeper of Lost Things, don't miss Ruth Hogan's second novel The Particular Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes, now available for pre-order

This is the first book I read in 2017 - and if another as good comes along in the next 12 months, I'll eat my special gold reviewing spectacles... Wonderful stuff and the perfect cure for the New Year bluesPsychological realism, whimsy and magic are a winning combination in this quirky, exquisitely crafted novel... It's a charming read, perfect for the holidays: you will want to share it when you get homeA really beautiful, tender book. Heartbreaking in parts, but lovely. I got sucked in and read the whole thing in one afternoon, unable to tear myself away. I sobbed for a good hour afterwards!When this book first appeared I said it was the perfect cure for the New Year blues. But it could apply just as well to any summer blues... This touching, funny and romantic debut is that rare and precious thing - a real story with brilliant charactersThe back stories, real or imagined, of lost-and- found objects form the centrepiece of this exquisite, absorbing novel, a potent cocktail of insightful psychological realism, whimsy and glittering magic, where hopes and new beginnings glint off the sharp edges of grief and loss. It grabs you right from its intriguing opening scene... Hogan's prose is considered, expressive and vivid, but never overwritten. Her characters reveal themselves gradually, much as the found objects acquire layers of meaning as we become acquainted with their provenance and history. A charming read that seems bound to become a book club favourite.A debut to watch for... I was hugely impressed by this flawlessly written, most humane novel.A charming story of fresh starts and self-discovery that warms the cocklesA warm and heartfelt debut.A charming whimsical novel about holding on to what is preciousThis mystical and spiritual tale is a joyous read that will broaden your imagination and warm your heartIt's charming, beautiful and full of heartOne is beguiled by its old-fashioned sweetnessMagical and movingA charming story, warmly and wittily written with wonderful charactersA lovely read - quirky, fun and plenty of gallows humourFrom the attention-grabbing opening paragraph, to the joyful conclusion, Ruth Hogan has stirred together a charming fairy tale in which the people may be more lost than the things; and generosity and compassion may be the key to finding a way home. Also there are dogs. Delightful.A sometimes poignant, sometimes funny but always heartfelt page-turner, The Keeper of Lost Things turned out to be exactly the book I was looking for.Ruth Hogan captures perfectly and heartbreakingly the small moments on which a life can turn. We can all recognise something of ourselves in these pages.A beautiful story of love, loss and the redemptive power of friendshipWonderful and heartwarmingThe premise for this story is wonderful... The range of characters is handled beautifully, and they all feel like real individuals... It's a great bedtime read, though difficult to put down, so keep an eye on the clock!'Totally and completely gorgeousWarm and quirky characters and the mystery of each lost item impel the reader forward. In the end, Hogan's first novel reveals how even discarded items have significance and seemingly random objects, people, and places are all interconnected.Whimsical... characters have spunk and wit to spare, and [...] Hogan's writing has the soothing warmth of the cups of cocoa and tea her characters regularly dispense. Readers looking for some old-fashioned storytelling with a sprinkling of magic will find it here. Interlacing plots join this cozy, clever, contemporary English story, unveiling the layers of four lives brought together by the discovery of a biscuit tin full of human ashes found on a train... Hogan's debut pulls in readers with each crafty chapter. Memorable minor characters add to the plot in this excellent selection for discussion groups.In The Keeper of Lost Things, debut novelist Ruth Hogan ties together the lives of her characters and the objects they discover. It's a quiet but beautifully intricate novel that will remind readers that we are each other's points of connection. When life becomes confusing or sad, showing a bit of kindness and appreciation for each others' stories can lead to redemptionA charming novel ... It covers love and loss, friendship and pain through beautifully written proseExquisitely crafted ... A tale of grief and loss leavened with hope and new beginnings.

An irresistible début novel of lost objects and second chances - as joyfully uplifting as La La Land and Me Before You

Ruth Hogan is the author of The Keeper of Lost Things, a Richard & Judy Book Club pick and a WHSmith Travel 'Fresh Talent' selection. A #1 word-of-mouth hit with more than a quarter of a million copies sold, the book is currently being published in more than 20 countries around the world.
The Particular Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes, Ruth's second novel, will be published by Two Roads in Spring 2018.
She lives in a chaotic Victorian house with an assortment of rescue dogs and her long-suffering husband.

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#1 WORD-OF-MOUTH HIT: The Keeper of Lost Things was a #1 kindle bestseller and has sold over a quarter of a million copies across all formats as of July (pre-paperback publication); it was a Top 3 title on Kobo and a Top 10 download on Audible, and was in the Kindle top 10 for four months. Keeper was selected for the WHS Travel 'Fresh Talent' promotion and has received glowing reviews both in the press and from readers (over 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon alone).A RICHARD & JUDY BOOK CLUB PICK: Now an R&J Autumn Book Club pick, building on excellent first format publication (WHSmith 'Fresh Talent' pick, phenomenal ebook numbers, word-of-mouth hit). Huge marketing spend and PR.

READ THIS IF YOU LOVED: Love Actually, La La Land, Amelie, a romantic comedy with a touch of magic.
Comp books: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (37k hbs TCM, 416k pbs), The Rosie Project (9k hbs TCM, 295k pbs), A Man Called Ove (5k hbs TCM, 63k pbs).

INTERNATIONAL SENSATION - Considered THE hot book of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015, foreign rights have been sold in the following territories: US (William Morrow, pre-empt); Germany (Ullstein, six-figure deal in five-way auction); France (Actes Sud, pre-empt); Italy (Rizzoli, six-way auction); Portugal (Presença, auction); Norway (Cappelen Damm, pre-empt); Netherlands (HarperCollins); South Korea (Chungrim Publishing); Bulgaria (Obsidian); Ukraine and Russia (Family Leisure Book Club); and Serbia (Vulkan, pre-empt).FALL UNDER THE KEEPER'S SPELL: Everyone has fallen in love with The Keeper of Lost Things, from literary scouts to foreign publishers, from copyeditors to in-house colleagues to other UK editors. YOU will be next.
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When to Jump

By Mike Lewis

If you're at a crossroads, this is the book you need to read to begin chasing your dreams. Includes a foreword by Sheryl Sandberg.

Do you have a little voice in your head telling you to pursue the thing you love? Leaving a comfortable job to pursue a passion is a brave, bold move - but it's far from impossible. In this inspiring read When to Jump founder Mike Lewis has curated a community of people to share their stories about taking the leap into the unknown - people from all walks of life who left the safe inertia of their own circumstances to try and do what they really wanted to be doing. These are empowering, compelling tales about taking risks and embracing fear.

Forget what you should be doing, what do you want to be doing? What do you love doing? When to Jump will show you that starting something different is possible. Nothing will change unless you make the change - the journey starts here...

Mike has recently been awarded the Goldman Sachs accolade '100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs'.

"Whether you're burned out, in a rut, or just feel that you want something else, Mike Lewis's When to Jump is the book for you. With more than forty stories of people who decided to make a major change, this book offers the inspiration as well as a practical and simple framework to help you make your own jump. A must read for anyone seeking to not only succeed but thrive." - Arianna Huffington, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Thrive and The Sleep Revolution

"A lively and inspiring guidebook for anyone who wants to make the jump from normal to extraordinary." - Tony Robbins, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Unshakeable and MONEY: Master the Game

"The book that will change your life today." - The Sunday Times Style

"A smart and sensitive take on how to make positive changes with confidence. It also serves up lessons on failure and dealing with the fear that stops us rerouting lives we aren't happy to be living. Most important, the book advises you not to ignore the little voice that keeps reminding you things are not the way you want them to be." - The Sunday Times Style

"If you're thinking of taking a lifestyle leap, don't do anything till you've read the inspiring new book that will show you how." - The Sunday Times Style

"Lewis has interviewed 44 'jumpers', who are rarely less than fascinating...a simple and powerful message: be brave. Everyone should have these words on their wall: you only get one life." - The Daily Mail

"This inspiring book could be just the read you need to make your own dreams reality." - The Press Association

A collection of real-life stories from those who have chosen to defy the status quo and take a leap of faith to pursue a passion - shared to inspire others who feel disillusioned with their lives and are ready for change. Includes a foreword by Sheryl Sandberg.Mike Lewis received his BA, magna cum laude, from Dartmouth College and worked at Bain Capital before deciding to pursue his dream of becoming a professional squash player. Mike is the Founder and CEO of When to Jump, a community featuring the ideas, stories, and people who have left certain paths to pursue entirely different ones. Launched in January 2016, the When to Jump platform has reached millions of impressions through digital media, brand collaborations, and in-person experiences. When to Jump, a tangible print collection of original stories from the community with clear guidance on how and when to jump, is his first book. Goldman Sachs named Mike one of the 100 most intriguing entrepreneurs in 2017. He lives in San Francisco.

'This book is smart, friendly, and ready to help people make a jump of their own'
Sheryl Sandberg

Do you have a little voice in your head telling you to pursue a goal or a passion? Do you want to make a jump to a new life or a new career? Not sure where to start?

In this inspirational, practical and thought-provoking book, Mike Lewis lays out the 'Jump Curve' - four steps to wholeheartedly pursuing the career of your dreams - through experiences from a variety of people who have jumped and never looked back.

When Mike was 24 and working in a prestigious corporate job, he eagerly wanted to leave to pursue his dream of becoming a professional squash player. But he had questions: when is the right time to move from work that is comfortable to a career you have only dared to dream of? How have other people made such a jump? What did they feel when making that jump - and afterwards?

So he sought guidance from others who had 'jumped', and the responses he got - from a banker who started a brewery, a publicist who became a bishop, a garbage collector who became a furniture designer, and on and on - were so clear-eyed and inspiring that Mike wanted to share what he had learned with others who might be helped by those stories. First, though, he started playing squash professionally...

The right book at the right time, When to Jump offers more than 40 heartening stories, inspiration to encourage, instruct and reassure, and the ingenious four-phase Jump Curve.

It's time to work towards your goals with focus.
It's time to rewrite the story.
It's time to jump.

The author is going to include UK and ANZ inspirational stories to ensure the book resonates with readers across the globe.Arianna Huffington is a huge fan - The Huffington Post features regular When to Jump videos showcasing these personal stories, and there is a dedicated WTJ channel. The Huffington Post will also promote on publication.Mike is an energetic and committed author, he will travel to the UK to promote if required; he has great contacts in the UK.The author's website whentojump.com and social media platforms are set up and growing fast.This book is a much-needed resource for disenchanted millennials facing uncertain times; this is personal development / business crossover; the closest comp is The $100 Start Up by Chris Guillebeau.'Jump Clubs' will be set up across the US and potentially in London with lifestyle brands, to further promote the book.Sheryl Sandberg is writing the foreword.Mike has recently been awarded Goldman Sachs accolade '100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs'.
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