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The Healing Home and Garden

Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781399715447

Price: £16.99

ON SALE: 9th May 2024

Genre: Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure

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Are you tired of formulaic interiors and following trends? Do you long for a home that expresses who you truly are, that’s a sanctuary from our 24/7 lifestyles dominated by technology?

The Healing Home & Garden will help you to:
– Take an objective look at your home
– Examine whether it’s supporting your mental and physical wellbeing
– Identify how it may be perpetuating unhealthy habits like: working all hours, eating on the run, poor sleep and spending too much time indoors
– Tap into your intuition to create a healing environment that will ultimately make you happier, less stressed and healthier
– Reconnect with the restorative power of nature

The Healing Home & Garden is for everyoneno matter your budget, whether you rent or own, live in a bedsit or a mansion. No major building works are involved, just a call to follow your own intuition and create the home that’s right for you – not the style police! This book is full of budget tips for rethinking your living space, creative suggestions for re-purposing furniture and objects, and extensive product and book recommendations.

“Paula Robinson is at the leading edge of new systems of awareness about the spaces we inhabit… a treasure trove of practical, step-by-step guidance”
Jean Haner, author of Clear Home Clear Heart: Learn to Clear the Energy of People and Places


Our homes should serve as secure sanctuaries, allowing us to escape the demands and pressures of the world, and to find solace in tranquility while discovering inner peace amidst serene surroundings. "The Healing Home and Garden is both creative and motivational, presenting cost-effective solutions to help you realize this heavenly sanctuary.
Anita Moorjani best-selling New York Times author of Dying to be Me, What if This is Heaven and Sensitive is the New Strong
Paula Robinson urges us to step back from and reconsider our daily habitat, and to take comfort in the heart of our home
Richard Louv, author of 'Last Child in the Woods' and 'Our Wild Calling'
Every now, and again I come across a book like this, one that I wish I had found many years ago. This wonderful creation of Paula's is a solid, practical and beautiful guide to reimagining all parts of your home into a living, healing, sanctuary. One where your heart, body and soul will long to spend time. This guide will make you want to restructure and re-imagine so many aspects of your living spaces in achievable and meaningful ways
Mary Reynolds, reformed landscape designer and founder of the global movement “We are the Ark -Acts of Restorative Kindness to the Earth
I read this book during a very stressful time in my life, when I was riddled with debilitating headaches and living a very unhealthy lifestyle. Paula's advice on creating sanctuaries within the home really resonated with me - a space where I could be myself. From uncluttering the entrance to walking barefoot at home in order to connect with the earth, this book has helped me at every step of my journey back to health. Not only therapeutic, this book is also impeccably researched and informative. Paula's advice helped me transform not just my life, but also my home, turning it from an unwelcoming box of sharp angles to a safe space where I can unwind and relax. A space I can call truly call "home". Brimming with smart tips and advice, this should be required reading for anyone looking to redecorate or redesign their home, or indeed, their life.
Awais Khan, TEDx speaker and award-winning author of No Honour, Someone Like Her and In the Company of Strangers