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Woath It? Coase Ah Am, Pet

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781444715163

Price: £12.99

ON SALE: 14th October 2010

Genre: Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure / Humour

‘Hei, Mam Ah’m ganna be a stor’ said a young Cheryl Tweety to hor Mam one day, following a bonny baby competition in hor native Newcastle. An tell yerz this leik, she wuzzen wrong! Noo aall grern up as Cheryl Kerl, shiz the peepils’ princess an shiz everywhor yerz look pet. On TV, radieau, magazines an billboadz; just aboot the biggest star in the UK man! And ask hor what she thinks aboot it an she’ll jus flash yerz tha big smeel and likelee sey ‘Its mint man!’ in that Geordie accent so loved the world over. In short shiz fulfilled hor destinee. Noo as queen of aall she surveys, faw the foast teim in this book she’ll give you a personal insight into what she thinks aboot aall sortz a stuff an tha. Covering topics as divoase as the music biz tuh jeans, the opera tuh fashion icons, itz aall between these pages. Cheryl opens her heart and soul, and pulling no punches tells it leik it is, man woman man. Find oot tha being a supahstor’s nut just aboot havin the teim of yerz leef gaddin aboot at fillum premiers an tha. Beheend tha smeel lies a leefteim a hoad graft an detomanation. This is Cheryl’s take on modun leef. Her own unique pawspective on anything an evreething.


ah've jus storted followin yerz on wor laptop, yerz daein a bang up job
Bill Bailey
So so funny. Huge fan of yours, always hilarious. Every tweet a delight
Peter Serafinowicz
no one has made me laugh as much as your tweets. Who the bollocks are you?
Emma Freud
The most fun thing about Cheryl Kerl is that you have to read her writing oot lood befowa yiz can tell what thee see leik
Mitch Benn