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A psychiatrist is counting down towards his upcoming retirement. He lives alone in his childhood home and has neither friends nor family.

Often, he resorts to drawing bird caricatures of his patients instead of taking notes. His social life consists of brief conversations with his meticulous secretary Madame Surrugue, who has reigned over the clinic for more than thirty years. The two of them have no relationship outside the office, where everything runs smoothly and uneventfully.

Until one day, that is, when a young German woman called Agatha arrives and demands to see the doctor and he soon realizes that underneath her fragile exterior is a strong and fascinating woman. The doctor and Agatha embark upon a course of therapy together, a process that forces the doctor to confront his fear of true intimacy outside the clinic. But is it too late to reconsider your existence as a 71-year-old?
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Genre: Europe / Western Continental Europe / France

On Sale: 12th December 2019

Price: £9.99

ISBN-13: 9781529361391


A shrewd, skilful tale of loneliness, the search for meaning and a place in the world, and the problems of truly relating to another human being. The end is sorrowful and joyful.
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A touching, subtle and gently funny story of rediscovering one's purpose later in life.
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Short but satisfying . . . uplifting.
Charming, funny and packed with insight.
Irish Times