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ebook / ISBN-13: 9781444780079

Price: £7.99

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He was Mummy’s favourite. I was the little sister, and his victim.
When Vicky was growing up she idolised her big brother David. Their mother worshipped the ground he walked on and as far as she was concerned, David could do no wrong.

But then he betrayed little Vicky in the most shocking way imaginable.

David began raping his sister. Vicky’s happy home life was brutally twisted into a nightmare – he whispered threats into her ear over the kitchen table and she was crippled with fear about what he would do next. Then, at just twelve years old, Vicky discovered she was pregnant with her brother’s baby. Vicky was terrified of her brother, and convinced that no one would believe her, so she felt she had no choice – she had to keep the dreadful truth of who was her baby’s father a secret.

She kept the secret for 18 years, until David had become so evil and dangerous that she knew she had no choice. The truth shattered her family and broke her daughter Kirsty’s heart, but Vicky stayed strong and turned the tables on the man that had stolen her childhood. She took David to court where a DNA test proved that he was Kirsty’s father and he is now in prison.

This is the heartbreaking story of a little girl who has finally found the courage to speak out.