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The Secret World of Weather

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781529339567

Price: £12.99

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Readers LOVE The Secret World of Weather:
‘This book finally explains what weather is and the fundamental why. Clouds now have real meaning!’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
‘Every page is a gem’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Classic Tristan Gooley: ‘You get yourself comfortable in the armchair, a drink beside you and start to read, but before you know it there is a desire to get out of the chair, step outside and see if you can put into practice some of the things he is telling you!’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


The weather changes as we walk around a tree or turn down a street. There is a secret world of weather – one that we all live in, but very few see.

Each day we pass dozens of small weather signs that reveal what the weather is doing all around us – and what is about to happen. The clues are easy to spot when you know how, but remain invisible to most people.

In The Secret World of Weather you’ll discover the simple rules that explain the weather signs. And you’ll learn rare skills that enhance every minute you spend outdoors, whether you are in a town, on a beach or in a wilder spot.

As the author of the international bestsellers The Walker’s Guide to Outdoor Clues and Signs and How to Read Water, Tristan Gooley knows how to de-code the phenomena and signs to look for. As he says, ‘I want you to get to know these signs as I have, as characters. By studying their habits and behaviours, the signs come to life and the meaning reveals itself. From this flows an ability to read what is happening and what is about to happen’.

This is the ultimate guide to exploring an undiscovered world, one that hides in front of our eyes.


Critical acclaim for The Secret World of Weather:

‘A sensitive study that combines theoretical physics with beautiful nature writing.’ – Telegraph Best Books To Read On A Summer Holiday

The Secret World of Weather frames itself early on as an aid to forecasting, by decoding signs in mackerel skies and dust devils. But it’s really much more than that . . . Gooley is the best kind of teacher: gentle, patient, nudging’ – Richard Mabey, Telegraph

‘Gooley marshals a riveting compendium of weather-reading skills . . . he has plenty of facts at his fingertips with which to excite’ – The Times

‘This breezy new book reveals how to read nature’s very own weather forecast . . . full of fascinating trivia’ – Daily Mail

‘I would recommend this book to all who seek explanations of the incredible variety of natural sights and sounds detectable in the open air.’ – Weather, journal of the Royal Meteorological Society

‘After 40 years as a professional meteorologist, I’ve looked at the weather through Tristan Gooley’s fresh eyes and seen new things’ – Peter Gibbs, weatherman and BBC presenter

‘Spot hidden weather signs around you that will enable you to embrace the outdoors and plan your garden accordingly’ – Gardens Illustrated