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The Point of Rescue

The Point of Rescue

Sally is watching the news with her husband when she hears a name she ought not to recognise: Mark Bretherick.

Last year, a business trip Sally had planned was cancelled at the last minute. Desperate for a break from her busy life juggling her career and a young family, Sally didn’t tell her husband that the trip had fallen through. Instead, she booked a week off and treated herself to a secret holiday. All she wanted was a bit of peace – some time to herself – but it didn’t work out that way. Because Sally met a man – Mark Bretherick.

All the details are the same: where he lives, his job, his wife Geraldine and daughter Lucy. Except that the man on the news is a man Sally has never seen before. And Geraldine and Lucy Bretherick are both dead . . .
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Thriller / Suspense

On Sale: 28th April 2011

Price: £8.99

ISBN-13: 9781444725049


The tension is screwed ever tighter until the final shocking outcome
Daily Express
A great read and an involving thriller
Statistics show that more and more women are committing acts of "family annihilation". In THE POINT OF RESCUE Sophie Hannah tackles this distressing subject with sensitivity, while spinning a cracking story
Daily Telegraph
This disturbing tale is a cut above the average crime thriller, with an intelligent and inventive plot that raises questions about identity, guilt and the taboo of unfulfilling motherhood
Hannah is an expert in creepy scenarios and plot twists that keep you guessing until the last page. The tension doesn't slacken for a second
Sophie Hannah's ingenious, almost surreal mysteries are so intricately constructed that it's impossible to guess how they will end . . . A compelling and disquieting story, told with the author's usual panache
Sunday Telegraph
Hannah doesn't allow the tension to slacken for a second in this addictive, brilliantly chilling thriller.
Book of the Month, Marie Claire
'It's always nice to be surprised and one place you don't expect to be surprised is in an ITV1 cop drama . . . It's a cracking plot, both gripping and unguessable. As excitement and chases go, this is first-class stuff.'
<i>Daily Express</i>
Hannah has established herself as a writer of offbeat thrillers that skillfully play on contemporary anxieties about motherhood and marriage. What keeps one reading is the creepy plausibility the author brings to her portrayal of a mind unhinged by the demands of parenthood
The Times
'A really absorbing little mystery'
<i>Daily Mirror</i>
'Smoothly escalating tension'
Every so often a writer comes along whose freshness and originality blows the competition out of the water...Genuinely gripping, full of the unseen and yet fitting twists and turns that make good quality crime fiction such a pleasure
Yorkshire Post
Tension, thy name is Sophie Hannah. In THE POINT OF RESCUE, murder, false identity and infidelity are thet tools Hannah deploys to create a plausible but edge-of-your-seat read
I'm surprised I had any nails left by the end of this addictive thriller
Brilliantly creepy
Red Magazine
'Based on the books by Sophie Hannah, who I am a huge fan of . . . nice dynamic, good characters, very well written . . . having read the book I cannot think of a better adaptation of a brilliant novel - very classy and classically done.'
Boyd Hilton, <I>BBC Radio 5 Live</i>
Hannah constructs a thriller that twists and turns satisfyingly through a series of ever-more surprising revelations
The Sunday Times
For those who demand emotional intelligence and literary verve from their thrillers, Sophie Hannah is the writer of choice. THE POINT OF RESCUE, her third, combines a creepily irresistible page-turner with an exploration of motherhood's taboos
Praise for Case Sensitive and Sophie Hannah
Sophie Hannah just gets better and better, with experience adding rocket fuel to her already high-octane yarns . . . Brilliantly cunning and entirely unpredictable