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Charles Manson: Coming Down Fast

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781848943285

Price: £10.99

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*The definitive and bestselling account of Charles Manson*

‘A sprawling, fast-paced account of Manson’s life’ The Times

Fascinating’ Daily Mail

Los Angeles, California. 1969.

Seven people are found shot, stabbed and beaten to death in Beverley Hills. Among them is actress Sharon Tate, the beautiful young wife of Roman Polanski.

It soon became apparent that a happyish cult known as ‘The Family’ was responsible. Their charismatic and manipulative leader, Charles Manson, took the public’s imagination. As the world watched in morbid fascination, the sensational and horrifying details of the case slowly emerged.

Coming Down Fast is the definitive and most revealing account of one of the most notorious criminals in history, charting Manson’s terrifying rise from petty-criminal to one of the most recognisable icons in criminal history. Including never-before-published photographs, this is the definitive book about Charles Manson.


"Simon Wells does a good job of wrapping all the facts together, debunking some of the myths and in a non-hysterical style, telling the gruesome story that enthralls 40 years on. The book conjures the feeling of the innocence of the 60s being blown away."
Manchester Evening News
"Coming Down Fast is a sprawling, fast-paced account of Manson's life. . . (and) describes Manson's disrupted life in telling detail."
The Times
". . . the real reason for reading this unexpectedly fascinating book is for the overview on the whole Manson saga, reverberating from President Nixon downwards."
Daily Mail