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The indispensable life manual from the author of the international bestseller, The Art of Thinking Clearly.

52 intellectual short-cuts for wiser thinking and better decisions, at home and at work. They may not guarantee you a good life, but they’ll give you a better chance.

Since the dawn of civilization, we’ve been asking ourselves what it means to live a good life: how should I live, what will truly make be happy, how much should I earn, how should I spend my time? In the absence of a single simple answer, what we need is a toolkit of mental models, a guide to practical living.


"Rolf Dobelli has done it again! Not only does he open our eyes, now he wakes us up. Because of his rigorous scientific analysis combined with his shattering philosophical approach he is never satisfied with the superficial. So, grab Rolf's book and don't let it go!"
Tenley E. Albright, Director, MIT Collaborative Initiatives and Professor Emeritus, Harvard Medical School.
"Rolf Dobelli has a gift for identifying the best ideas in the world and then putting them together in ways that make the whole even more valuable than the sum of the parts. He's done it for the art of thinking. Now he does it for the art of living."
Jonathan Haidt, author of the New York Times bestseller The Righteous Mind
'Rolf Dobelli possesses one of Europe's finest minds'
Matt Ridley, author of the Evolution of Everything
'Rolf Dobelli gives us as valuable advice about how to live as he did about how to think.'
James R. Flynn, Professor Emeritus, University of Otago, and discoverer of the Flynn Effect
'Rolf Dobelli is a virtuosic synthesizer of ideas. With wit, grace, and precision he melds science and art in his joyful pursuit of wisdom.'
Joshua Greene, professor of psychology, Harvard University, and author of Moral Tribes
'Rolf Dobelli is brilliant at converting evidence from scientific research into practical steps that improve personal outcomes.'
Robert Cialdini, author of the international bestseller INFLUENCE
Rolf Dobelli writes clearly, intelligently and convincingly
Gerhard Schroder
'Rolf Dobelli's works are informative, insightful, and accessible. In an age of celebrity ignoramuses, he is a true public intellectual.'
Lou Marinoff, Professor of Philosophy at the City College of New York