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The Salt Flats

Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781399727297

Price: £22

ON SALE: 15th August 2024

Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Thriller / Suspense

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Martha and Finn’s marriage is hanging by a thread. Martha, crippled by paralyzing climate anxiety, finds herself at odds with Finn, who steadfastly refuses to confront the demons of his past.

In a desperate attempt to repair their relationship, they join a group of privileged tourists on a pilgrimage to The Salt Centre, a mysterious retreat nestled deep within the Bolivian salt flats.

United by a shared quest for spiritual enlightenment, the group embark on a journey guided by an elusive shaman. As a series of salt ceremonies unfold, hallucinogenic episodes force each of them to confront their own versions of reality.

When the final ceremony descends into a nightmare, Martha and Finn are met with an ultimatum. Forced to grapple with the moral implications of their trip they must ask themselves: are some wounds too deep to heal?


‘Original and bold, this is an ambitious and hugely imaginative novel.’ Lucie McKnight Hardy
‘Gripping, compulsive and deeply deeply human.’ Heather Parry
‘A superb and spellbinding evocation of an otherworldly place, doused in a creeping sense of horror.’ Carole Hailey
‘Compulsive and compelling.’ Cailean Steed


Gripping, original and bold, this is an ambitious and hugely imaginative novel in which a growing sense of unease reaches an almost unbearable intensity.
Lucie McKnight Hardy
The Salt Flats is gripping, compulsive and deeply deeply human. Rachelle Atalla is one of the few writers whose novels I cannot put down.
Heather Parry
Immersive, confrontational, intelligent and tender.
Kirsty Logan
The Salt Flats is a superb and spellbinding evocation of an otherworldly place, doused in a creeping sense of horror, with a cast of characters who are willing to do almost anything to escape from reality.
Carole Hailey
Utterly compelling, desolate yet uplifting, and always with one eye on the triumph of the human spirit. A truly terrific novel.
Dr Liam Bell                 
Compulsive and compelling, Rachelle Atalla's The Salt Flats is a tour-de-force, a blistering excavation of the lengths to which people will go to both confront and run from the past. A story that will linger with you, and prompts as many questions as it provides answers.
Cailean Steed