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‘Noah Hawley taps into our existential anxiety- and transforms it into a hefty page-turner that’s equal parts horrific, catastrophic and, at times, strangely entertaining’ – New York Times

‘Terrifyingly good… Hawley is such an experienced storyteller…this book is nothing if not art imitating life’ – Irish Sunday Independent

From the visionary bestselling author of Before the Fall and The Good Father, an epic literary thriller set where America is right now . . . and the world will be tomorrow.

America spins into chaos as the last remnants of political consensus break apart. Against a background of environmental disaster and opioid addiction, debate descends into violence and militias roam the streets – while teenagers across the world seem driven to self-destruction, communicating by memes only they can understand.

Yet the markets still tick up and the super-rich, like Ty Oliver, fly above the flames in private jets.

After the death of his daughter, Ty dispatches his son Simon to an Anxiety Abatement Center. There he encounters another boy called the Prophet. And the Prophet wants him to join a quest.

Before long, Simon is on the road with a crew of new comrades on a rescue mission as urgent as it is enigmatic. Suddenly heroes of their own story, they are crossing the country in search of a young woman held in a billionaire’s retreat – and, just possibly, the only hope of escape from the apocalypse bequeathed to them by their parents’ generation.

Noah Hawley’s epic literary thriller, full of unforgettably vivid characters, finds unquenchable lights in the darkest corners. Uncannily topical and yet as timeless as a Grimm’s fairy tale, this is a novel of excoriating power, raw emotion and narrative verve, confirming Hawley as one of the most essential writers of our time.

Hawley makes this sing by combining the social commentary of a Margaret Atwood novel with the horrors of a Stephen King book’ – Publishers Weekly

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‘He has an intuitive understanding of human behaviour and an instinctive grasp of plot that make him a master storyteller’

‘An addictive thriller whose thematic richness is reminiscent of Franzen’
The Sunday Times

‘Hawley’s sublime prose glows on every page’
Daily Mail

‘A thriller of masterful precision’

‘High-class entertainment’
Mail on Sunday

‘One of the year’s best suspense novels’
New York Times


High-class entertainment
John Williams, Mail on Sunday
One of the year's best suspense novels
New York Times
As a pacey whodunit . . . this is the perfect summer read
The Times
There are some books . . . that stay with you long after you've read them . . . Before the Fall by Noah Hawley is one of these books
Irish Independent
An addictive thriller whose thematic richness is reminiscent of Franzen
The Sunday Times
Hawley's sublime prose glows on every page
Daily Mail
Hawley has crafted an explosive, multi-genre American novel, offering entertaining cultural commentary as well as intellectually courageous observations on empathy, politics and corruption
In Anthem, Hawley has written some of the most savage satire since Jonathan Swift . . . The plot-rich, cinematic story moves swiftly and compellingly, exciting reader interest and empathy. Anthem is truly an epic adventure
An all-too-plausible dystopia rendered believable through matter-of-fact prose. Hawley makes this sing by combining the social commentary of a Margaret Atwood novel with the horrors of a Stephen King book
Publishers Weekly
Hawley is a TV veteran, and he knows how to quickly establish character, maintain pacing, and write excellent action scenes
Kirkus Reviews
Noah Hawley confirms his place as one of the most essential writers of our times
Belfast Telegraph, Books of the Year
A timely and provocative take on the classic trope of young people tasked with saving the future. Truly like nothing I've ever read before
Anna Bailey, author of Tall Bones
Terrifyingly good... Hawley is such an experienced storyteller...this book is nothing if not art imitating life
Irish Sunday Independent
[A] story that hurtles at an accelerated velocity...[Hawley's] dialogue brings the characters alive...humorous, sad and revealing...[a] tender, complicated reflection...charged with considerable anger and despair about our chaotic world
New York Times