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Love...From Both Sides

Love...From Both Sides

‘I haven’t giggled so much in ages. I sailed through it, only occasionally having to put it down to wipe the tears of mirth from my cheeks.’ Daily Mail

‘Clevery constructed and downright hilarious.’ Closer

When Nick Spalding self-published Love… From Both Sides and Love… And Sleepless Nights he became one of the bestselling ebook authors of 2012. Now for the first time the Love… books are being published in a longer format with more of the love story, more of Laura and Jamie’s ups and downs and more of the laugh-out-loud hilarious moments that fans have come to know and love.

Sometimes, the hardest part of finding love is keeping a straight face…

For Jamie Newman, being a single guy isn’t proving to be much fun, especially when confronted with a sexually belligerent divorcee and a goddess so far out of his league she might as well be a different species.

Mind you, being a girl in search of love isn’t a bowl of cherries either. Just ask Laura McIntyre, who’s recently contended with a horny estate agent on a quest for light relief and a rabid mountain bike enthusiast with a penchant for lycra that leaves little to the imagination.

When Jamie and Laura bump into one another (quite literally) it looks like their luck may have changed – but sometimes finding the right person is only the start of your problems…

Love… From Both Sides is a warts-and-all romantic comedy for everyone who knows how tricky the quest for love can be.
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Romance

On Sale: 31st January 2013

Price: £8.99

ISBN-13: 9781444768176


Crude, cleverly constructed and downright hilarious!
Book of the week. 'Lots of fun.'
This is a funny read about life and love and how difficult it is not only to meet the one, but then to try not to poison, alienate or otherwise distress them in a huge variety of ways... They're great characters and you'll be rooting for them from the off, not to mention howling with laughter in the process... It was obviously only a matter of time before someone snapped [Spalding] up and I'm very glad they did as I haven't giggled so much in ages. I sailed through it, only occasionally having to put it down to wipe the tears of mirth from my cheeks.'
<i>Daily Mail<i>
Absolutely hilarious. Seriously, I'd warn you not to read it in public as people will look at you strangely as you attempt to do that supressed belly laugh thing that makes you lool demented. Anyone who's ever had a cringeful date that's ended in humiliation (that's pretty much all of us, then!) will heart this. And the best bit? The next book in the series is out in June - I can't wait!
Once I was 50 pages into this book I had to put it down until I could see through the tears of laughter streaming down my face. The tales of Jamiue and Laura's dates are uncut, hilarious and scarily close to real life...'The Fajita Incident' will go down in history as one of the funniest scenes I have ever read...As well as being hilariously funny, Love...From Both Sides is also cute, warm and easily relatable.
The funniest book I have ever read in my life, ever...I can't WAIT to read the two sequels, Love...and Sleepless Nights and Love...Under Different Skies.
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