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Say Ja to Hygge!

Say Ja to Hygge!

‘Dr Magnus Olsensen has done the decent thing. He has punctured the smug hygge bubble. He has written a parody of hygge and he has blown out all the flipping candles.’ The Times

‘a hilarious pastiche of the hygge phenomenon…the cool humour gift book of 2016′ Get The Gloss

This little book of hygge came about after a particularly hyggeligt evening in December 2015. I had just lit my pleasing contemporary wood-burner and was sitting back, gløgg in hand, listening to Terj Dørk’s classic drøn jazz album “Tepid in Taarstrup’. I found myself reflecting on the fact that we are the World’s Happiest People™. Wasn’t it time, I thought, we shared our secret? I immediately called around three of the Institute of Wellbeing’s brightest young researchers: Freja, Olaf and Sofia. We sat together snug in my pure wool foursie, bathed on soft fire-light, and talked long into the evening. The idea came over us unexpectedly. We would publish a book, explaining hygge for the betterment of all mankind. I’m delighted that we have succeeded. And I hope our efforts will help you to find your own hygge-topia. Held og lykke!

Dr Magnus Olsensen
Director, Institute of Wellbeing, Aarhus


The Danish hygge (pronounced ‘huhhpg-ghuhrr’) lifestyle is all about feeling snug, safe, warm and satisfied – ideally self-satisfied.

But how should you go about finding your special cosy place?

Let Dr Magnus Olsensen be your guide to finding hygge in every area of your life – from the office to the bedroom.

Hygge is derived from the Old Norse words hig, meaning cosy, and ger, meaning fire hazard. It is, in essence, a state of mind. (One that is heavily dependent on candles.)

For some, achieving hygge will come easily. Others may have to work a little harder. But if you put in the hours – and follow the guidance in Say Ja to Hygge! – you will find your own hygge-topia. You will have become, in spirit, Danish. And – as the old song goes – there is nothing like a Dane!

This truly hilarious send-up of hygge culture is a work of timely comic genius.
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Genre: Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure / Humour

On Sale: 17th November 2016

Price: £9.99

ISBN-13: 9781473656468