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Irresponsible Adult

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Audiobook Downloadable / ISBN-13: 9781399719728

Price: £24.99

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‘So good! Warm and funny, and I was rooting for Robyn from the very first page’ MILLY JOHNSON
‘Funny, perceptive and oh-so-relatable, Robyn’s reluctant mission to clean up her world is full of laughs and also some heart-twisting surprises’ ALEXANDRA POTTER
‘A funny, relatable read with some surprise twists’ STYLIST

Sisters Cleo and Robyn may be close in age but their attitudes to life could not be further apart. While Cleo’s a fully-fledged adult with a family, a business and a signature scent, Robyn is still waiting for the instruction manual to Adult Life and success is keeping her houseplant alive. Skating by at her job as an estate agent, she’s adept at avoiding housework, ignoring admin, and evading her mother’s anxious questions about her love life. But then Robyn’s fired in the most publicly humiliating way imaginable – and her chaos catches up with her.

Although Cleo steps in to give Robyn a temporary job in her cleaning firm, it comes with very firm instructions: Robyn must BEHAVE RESPONSIBLY. And that includes meeting the high standards of Jim, her enigmatic supervisor. But when Robyn learns to navigate the catastrophic kitchens and judgemental dogs of total strangers she learns some unexpected truths about her own messy world. No one’s life is spotless…

Is it time – finally – for everyone to stop sweeping their secrets under the carpet?

‘I honestly can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a book this much – quite simply, it’s a joy from beginning to end’ JANE COSTELLO

Your favourite authors love Lucy Dillon:
‘Bittersweet, lovely and ultimately redemptive; the kind of book that makes you want to live your own life better’ JOJO MOYES
‘This vibrant and uplifting novel has not only entertained me hugely, but made me change the way I look at life’ KATIE FFORDE
‘I always find Lucy Dillon’s books so overflowing with wit and wisdom’ JENNY COLGAN

Readers are loving IRRESPONSIBLE ADULT too:
‘Absolutely fabulous! Devoured this in one day!’
‘I love a good sister novel and this one hit all the right boxes’
‘Warm, genuinely laugh out loud funny, surprisingly emotional, and populated by wonderful, likeable characters’
‘Oh my goodness, I loved this book and ended up reading into the night to finish it’