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The Key to Calm

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781444765359

Price: £16.99

ON SALE: 13th February 2014

Genre: Health & Personal Development

Why are levels of anxiety and stress rising faster than ever before? Why has no one come up with a solution that offers true and lasting relief? Why has no one found the key to calm? Based on Linda Blair’s years of experience as a clinical psychologist, this book not only answers these questions, but offers solutions to achieve calm and serenity in our everyday life. In five simple and effective steps we learn to:

Stop, Look and Listen – Stop reacting to what’s going on ‘without’, and regain inner balance and focus.

Take Care of Your Best Asset – The best way to adapt to change and solve new problems is to start with the healthiest body and mind possible.

Know Yourself – Discover your talents and possibilities, and learn how to use them to best advantage.

Simplify – Streamline your life so you have the time and energy not only to cope more effectively with everyday life, but also to embrace new challenges.

Reach Out – Understand the benefits of connecting socially, and learn to do so in a way that ensures a sense of safety and meaning.

Linda Blair’s proven programme will teach you how to find the balance, purpose and tranquillity you seek and enable you to find calm.


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