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The Litigators

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Audiobook CD / ISBN-13: 9781444729788

Price: £19.99

ON SALE: 25th October 2011

Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Thriller / Suspense

Oscar Finley: street cop turned street lawyer.

Wally Figg: expert hustler and ambulance-chaser.

David Zinc: Harvard Law School graduate.

Together, this unlikely trio make up Finley & Figg: specialists in injury claims, quickie divorces and DUIs. None of them has ever faced a jury in federal court. But they are about to take on one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the States.

David gave up his lucrative career at Chicago’s leading law firm for this: the chance to help the little guy stand up to the big corporations.

But if Finley & Figg have right on their side, why do his new partners feel the need to carry guns in their briefcases? David thought he was used to cut-throat law from his days at Rogan Rothberg, but this is something else.

He knows he was right to get out. He just may live to regret his new choice of firm…


Enthralling characters and mesmeric plot
<i>Time Out</i>
As exciting as a car chase with a load of dynamite thrown in
<i>Daily Mail</i>
Grisham reigns supreme
<i>Sunday Express</i>
No one does it better than Grisham
<i>Daily Telegraph</i>
The best thriller writer alive
Ken Follett
Grisham is a superb, instinctive storyteller
<i>The Times</i>
A superbly plotted legal thriller
<i>Sunday Express</i>
Grisham's past form leads you to expect gripped drama; instead he produces a brilliant comic set piece in which everything that could go wrong in a trial does
The Sunday Times
His stories are ferociously plot driven: they will keep you awake all night
<i>Independent on Sunday</i>
Few writers have so much to say, the skills to make reading what they say an irresistible pleasure - and the clout to say it to an audience of millions