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ROSE WEST: The Making of a Monster

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781848946866

Price: £12.99

ON SALE: 7th July 2011

Genre: Biography & True Stories / Biography: General

Hard to believe it looking at her now, but Rose West was an exceptionally beautiful little girl, with a Maltese mother and English father. Strangers would stop and stare at her in the street and she could entrance people from a very early age. But looking back at photos of Rose as a child, you struggle to accept that she grew up to one of the country’s most notorious female criminals.
In ROSE, Jane Carter Woodrow goes right back to the start in her life to try and piece together what happened to turn Rose West into the violent monster she became. Jane has gained unprecedented access to the family and has revealed a fascinating story of how there was always something ‘not quite right’ about Rose…
And perhaps that’s not too surprising… Rose’s childhood reads like one of the most grim misery memoirs. Her father was a violent schizophrenic and her mother received electric shock therapy for severe clinical depression, the whole way through her pregnancy with Rose. Jane has uncovered a horrific hidden story of a twisted family and how her upbringing made her a perfect partner for Fred West when they met when Rose had just turned 16. She was to kill for the first time a few months later.
This is a gripping, unputdownable read that sheds light for the first time on the story behind what turned Rose West into one of the country’s most vicious and deadly serial killers.


Praise for After Evil:
If you read any book this year, you must read this one.
Alma Cullen, Scriptwriter, TV's <i>Inspector Morse</i>
Unsparing, shocking, beautifully told story of a young boy who woke up to a nightmare.
Norman Hull, <i>AVP Films</i>
Insightful, revealing and detailed, AFTER EVIL is a warm and human portrait of the collateral damage inflicted on a whole family hit by a serial killer. And it is ultimately a moving story of survival and how, against all odds, it is possible to go beyond tragedy.
Andrea Michell, <i>Bravura Films</i>