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The Isle of Man is a Fairy place. If you know where to look, you may
still find the little people, as they are called.

On the Island lived a Chinese boy, Hu, with his father and his dog
Kau Kau. One day Hu’s father said that he was going to Liverpool to
bring home a new wife, and a new mother for Hu. But Hu did not want
a new mother. So he too his father’s dinghy and sailed away with Kau
Kau to the tiny island called the Calf of Man.

Nobody knew where he had gone. But the birds and animals came to
his aid. With Basking Shark speeding though the waves, the prow rope
of the dinghy in his jaws, and with Don Dolphin racing alongside, while
the birds flew in clouds overhead, Hu was taken to the Little People.
Surely they would help him…

SEA URCHIN is a wonderful fable for younger readers from the bestselling
author of the Mortymer Trilogy.