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Taken on Trust: 25th Anniversary Edition

Taken on Trust: 25th Anniversary Edition

‘I sat down and began to prepare myself for an ordeal. I made three resolutions to support me through whatever was to come: no regrets, no false sentimentality, no self-pity.’

In his prison cell Terry Waite wrote his autobiography in his head. This is it, his own heart-rending account of how he survived for 1,763 days in captivity, almost four years of which were in solitary confinement. He tells of his constant struggle to maintain his faith and of the inner strength which helped him endure the savage treatment he received from his captors.

Above all it was his recollections of his life from childhood onwards that sustained him. Born the son of a village policeman, he was adviser to the first African Archbishop in Idi Amin’s Uganda, he worked in Rome as a consultant to religious communities and emerged on the world stage during his time as the Archbishop of Canterbury’s envoy to the Middle East.

Terry went on to become a negotiator for hostages in Tehran, Libya and Beirut, when he himself was taken hostage.

This classic account of one man’s survival at the limits of human endurance now includes an updated foreword and new chapter from Terry, as he reflects on the aftermath of his release, his return to normal life and the new opportunities he now has to work with hostages in the fast-changing political landscape in the Middle East today.
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Genre: Biography & True Stories / Biography: General

On Sale: 8th September 2016

Price: £12.99

ISBN-13: 9781473637115


Waite's compelling autobiography...a moving account of Waite's 1,763 days in captivity.
The Church Newspaper
Mr Waite was held captive, mostly in solitary confinement, chained and often blindfolded, for 1,763 days before his release on 18 November 1991. Now aged 77, he returned to the former RAF base where his plane landed, and where he stayed for several weeks as he began to get his life back to normal.
BBC News
Taken on Trust can be read as a historical document...but more interestingly, I think it can be read as a meditation on faith and an exploration of the mystery of God.
The Door
As powerful today as it was as it was when first read in the 1990s...The new introduction written for the updated version of his work perhaps offers the clearest insight into his motivation.
Life and Work Magazine –
Compelling reading.
Families First
Fascinating account of a brave man...his experience gives him the right to be listened to when he pleads for the establishment of trust between ordinary people of different races, cultures and religions.
Reform Magazine
There is an enviable directness, strength and even holiness about Terry Waite...He has added a new chapter, bringing his story up to date, and reflecting briefly on the current state of the Middle East.
The Telegraph