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The Sun's Devices

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781444753813

Price: £18.99

ON SALE: 8th October 2020

Genre: Fiction & Related Items / Fantasy

Book 3 of the outstanding The Hollow Gods series

In the aftermath of the shattering of Mirror Town, Krish has taken has rightful place as heir to the kingdom of Ashanesland, with his friends and allies ruling by his side. He’s turned his back on his divine birthright and set out to bring unity to the warring tribes and nations as no more than a man.

The mysterious land once known as the Eternal Empire has opened its borders at last, and invited Krish to take his place as part of its ruling Triumvirate. But there are plots within plots in the country that once worshipped his sister, the sun, and now hates all gods.

Because the sun goddess been made flesh once again and is determined to end the ancient conflict with her brother’s final defeat. And there are strange and new gods stirring in the lands – while some search for a weapon that could destroy them all.


Fans of either Abraham or Abercrombie-fans of fantasy full stop, in fact-will find lots to like in Smiler's Fair. Its setting, its narrative, its characters... all impress immensely, developed as they are with depth and discerning detail. In truth, the only complaint I'd make about the book is that there isn't more of it.
Tor.com on Smiler's Fair
A little bit grimdark, a little bit epic, and a whole lot of incredible. If George R.R. Martin wrote The Night Circus,Smiler's Fair would be the result. Buy. It.
Staffer's Book Reviews on Smiler's Fair
This book is magnificent!
Pornokitsch on Smiler's Fair
We can judge other-world fantasy by the extent we want to return to it - and I can't wait to book my ticket back to the next episode of this outstanding, multi-stranded debut.
Daily Mail on Smiler's Fair
Little by little, as the narrative twists and turns, Levene reveals the depth and complexity of her created world and leaves the reader eager for the next instalment.
Guardian on Smiler's Fair
One of the best books this genre has to offer
Fantasy Faction on Smiler's Fair
I took it on trust that the second volume of The Hollow Gods would be brilliant. And it is!
Tor.com on The Hunter's Kind
Levene made a name for herself as a new generation fantasy writer, pulling up old tropes like weeds and planting the fresh, bright and compelling ideas that this genre needs to flourish.
Fantasy Faction on The Hunter's Kind