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Ten thousand men and women, exiled by the restrictive governments of Earth, are riding a man-made habitat to the planet Saturn. They form a volatile community. Some are innocents like Holly Lane, or Manuel Gaeta. Others are idealists like Edouard Urbain, or Kris Cardenas and Nadia Wunderly. And some have much more dangerous plans. Malcolm Eberly, has been placed aboard the Saturn-bound habitat to take over its government. As the mammoth spacecraft nears its destination Eberly manoeuvres to take control of the habitat. His manipulations lead to murder and Holly becomes a hunted fugitive in the habitat’s maze of tunnels and underground passageways. Meanwhile, frustrated by Dr. Urbain’s intransigence, Gaeta prepares to fly solo through the rings, abetted by Wunderly and Cardenas. What he finds there challenges everyone living in the habitat.
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items

On Sale: 21st July 2003

Price: £5.49

ISBN-13: 9781444723618


One of sci-fi's great contemporary writers...Ben Bova writes good, authentic science
Huddersfield Daily Examiner
A splendid book . . of his many books, Mars must be the most important.
Arthur C. Clarke on MARS
A thoroughly readable, highly enjoyable roller-coaster ride.
Saturn was well worth the wait...what makes his brand of science fiction so enjoyable is that the technology to which he refers is wholly believable.
Steve Davis, Burton Mail.
'RETURN TO MARS is an entertaining read, a good example of the bread and butter of the genre
I believe that the science fiction author who will have the greatest effect on the world is Ben Bova
Ray Bradbury
Bova is a masterful storyteller and the narrative is compelling, almost hypnotic
Vector on The Rock rats
Another attention-grabbing entry in a series that continues to grow in stature ,scope and complexity.Once again,Bova in top form.
Kirkus Reviews
An epic space novel by an award-winning SF scribe
Books Magazine
Slick pacing,techincally competent.
Extraordinary . . . this kind of story is the reason science fiction exists in the first place.
Orson Scott Card on MARS