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Theatre Tour – Autumn 2014

Graham Norton Live

We're delighted to announce Graham Norton Live, a series of nationwide theatre events with Graham Norton in conversation.
John Murray Publishers, an imprint of John Murray Press, will publish the book to accompany a major new BBC Radio 4 series Plants: From Roots to Riches.

PLANTS: FROM ROOTS TO RICHES – John Murray to publish book to accompany landmark 25-part BBC Radio 4 series with the Royal Botanic Gardens,Kew

Plant: From Roots to Riches Press Release

King’s classic characters introduce his latest novel . . .

Five of Stephen King's most iconic characters come to life to introduce his latest novel, MR MERCEDES.

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John Murray Learning Launches Just Write

John Murray Learning Launches New Creative Writing Community

John Murray Learning (an imprint of John Murray Press) has launched a creative writing community: Just Write.

They're coming . . .

To prepare yourself for Sarah Lotz's astonishing new thriller THE THREE, explore the book's shocking events through conspiracy theories, witness statements and news stories.
Hodder & Stoughton

The Skin Collector

By Jeffery Deaver
Master of suspense and number one bestselling author Jeffery Deaver returns with the eleventh exhilarating novel in the Lincoln Rhyme series, and long anticipated follow-up to THE BONE COLLECTOR.


They have never seen a murder like it.

A talented tattoo artist is using poison instead of ink. His victim is a young woman. And on her skin he's left a message: 'the second'.

Drafted in to investigate, NYPD detective Lincoln Rhyme and his associate Amelia Sachs find the scene has been scrubbed of evidence.

All except for one trace - a scrap of paper that connects this case with one they will never forget.

And like the Bone Collector before him, Rhyme and Sachs find themselves pitted against a twisted serial killer choosing his victims seemingly at random, a perpetrator who plans his work to the last detail, in a deadly contest with any who try to stop him.

But how close is his connection with that old case? What is the meaning of the words tattooed in poison on the skin of his first victim? And where will he strike next?

Outstanding . . . Deaver proves himself a grandmaster of the genre as each surprise leads to an even bigger surprise, like a series of reverse Russian nesting dollsAnother suspenseful and twist-filled entry in this always-exciting series.Quality thriller... This is Deaver back on form"Deavotees" will expect and gratefully receive the many twists and sudden turns . . . No one is better at narrative misdirection. Just at the point you think "That's impossible!" Deaver demonstrates the exact opposite . . . Once again the depth of his research and characterisation has created a superb example of modern American Gothic.The most creative, skilled and intriguing thriller writer in the world . . . [Deaver] has produced a stunning series of bestsellers with unique characterisation, intelligent characters, beguiling plots and double-barrelled and sometimes triple-barrelled solutions.The pace is terrific, the suspense inexorable, and there is an excellent climax . . . If you want thrills, Deaver is your man.Jeffery Deaver is the award-winning author of three collections of short stories and 32 internationally bestselling novels, including the 2011 James Bond novel Carte Blanche. He is best known for his Lincoln Rhyme thrillers, which include the number one bestsellers The Vanished Man, The Twelfth Card and The Cold Moon, as well as The Bone Collector which was made into a feature film starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. The first Kathryn Dance novel, The Sleeping Doll, was published in 2007 to enormous acclaim. A three-time recipient of the Ellery Queen Reader's Award for Best Short Story of the year, he has been nominated for an Anthony Award and six Edgar Awards from the Mystery Writers of America. He won the WH Smith Thumping Good Read Award in 2001 and in 2004 won the Crime Writers' Association Steel Dagger for Best Thriller with Garden of Beasts, and their Short Story Dagger for The Weekender from Twisted. Jeffery Deaver lives in North Carolina and California. Visit his website, www.jefferydeaver.com, Facebook page, www.facebook.com/JefferyDeaver, and follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/JefferyDeaver.New Lincoln Rhyme thriller and much anticipated follow up to THE BONE COLLECTOR, with all Deaver's trademark suspense, richly developed characters and rollercoaster of plot twists.THE BONE COLLECTOR, the first Lincoln Rhyme thriller, was made into a hugely successful feature film starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie.Jeffery's work has been published in more than 35 languages around the world.Deaver's profile has seen a huge boost after writing the latest James Bond novel, the international bestseller CARTE BLANCHE which published in May 2011.
Noah Hawley

The man behind FARGO

If you're loving the US series FARGO, read more about its creator and writer NOAH HAWLEY and discover his gripping novels here . . .
Sceptre to publish on 2nd September 2014

The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell to be published by Sceptre

New book from David Mitchell

ENEMIES AT HOME by Lindsey Davis

From renowned author Lindsey Davis, creator of the much-loved character, Marcus Didius Falco, comes the second novel in her all-new series set in Ancient Rome.

Hodder & Stoughton acquires Graham Norton memoir: The Life and Loves of a He Devil

Loved and adored for his wit and warmth, Graham has been entertaining audiences and having fun with the world’s  biggest  stars  for  nearly  twenty  years.  He  first  made  his  mark  as  a  stand  up  comedy  drag  act  at  the   Edinburgh Festival. He went on to appear in Father Ted before coming to host some of the most successful shows in television including So Graham Norton, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? and The Eurovision Song Contest. As well as his massively popular weekly Radio 2 show, Graham hosts the hugely successful BBC1 chat show The Graham Norton Show.  He’s  won just about every award going including 7 BAFTAS - and most recently the BAFTA for Best Entertainment Programme. The Life and Loves of a He Devil is  Graham’s  funny  and  honest  memoir  on  the  theme  of  love.  As  he  shows,  it’s   really the things you love that define who you are and so Graham tells his story from childhood to present day, describing just what and who he loved - and sometimes lost - as a child, and his new loves and obsessions – big and small - as  he’s  grown  older. From Dolly Parton and dogs to wine and Ireland, Graham tells his life and loves with characteristic humour and outrageous candour. Hannah Black at Hodder Non Fiction acquired world rights in a deal concluded with Melanie Rockcliffe and Dylan Hearn at Troika. The Life and Loves of a He Devil will be published in October 2014. Graham Norton said: ‘It's  been  ten  years  since  I  last  put  fingertip  to  keyboard.  A  lot  has  happened  to  me  since   then but being a decade older it strikes me that what makes a life interesting is less what happens to you but more what drives and inspires you. A life of loves. When I say this is the most personal thing I've ever written, don't  worry  it  also  contains  stories  about  mystery  objects  found  in  dog  poo  and  celebrity  actress  farts.’ Hannah  Black  at  Hodder  said,  ‘We’re  so  proud  to  be  publishing  Graham.  He’s  funny,  original  and  impressively   mischievous,  and  he’s  also  a  brilliantly  clever  story  teller  and  loved  by  young  and  old  across  the  nation.’ For further information please contact Veronique Norton, Publicity Director on 020 7873 6174 or veronique.norton@hodder.co.uk or @veronorton

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John Murray, an imprint of John Murray Press, is delighted to announce the acquisition of WHAT IF, a book of hilarious and informative answers to important questions you probably never thought to ask by Randall Munroe, the creator of the wildly popular xkcd.com.

John Murray Acquires WHAT IF From Creator of Internet Phenomenon xkcd.com

John Murray, an imprint of John Murray Press, is delighted to announce the acquisition of WHAT IF, a book of hilarious and informative answers to important questions you probably never thought to ask by Randall Munroe, the creator of the wildly popular xkcd.com.
Coming November 2014

A brand new novel from Jodi Picoult!

We're delighted to announce Jodi's new book LEAVING TIME, publishing 20th November 2014!
Available November 2014

A second Stephen King novel this Autumn

We are delighted to report that Hodder & Stoughton shall publish REVIVAL by Stephen King, in hardcover, eBook and digital download on November 11, 2014.
Hodder Paperbacks

The Storyteller

By Jodi Picoult
Number One bestselling author Jodi Picoult combines topical moral issues and emotional human drama with the page-turning compulsion of a thriller.


For seventy years, Josef Weber has been hiding in plain sight.

He is a pillar of his local community.

He is also a murderer.

When Josef decides to confess, it is to Sage Singer, a young woman who trusts him as her friend. What she hears shatters everything she thought she knew and believed.

As Sage uncovers the truth from the darkest horrors of war, she must follow a twisting trail between terror and mercy, betrayal and forgiveness, love - and revenge.

The first person accounts about what happened in the Holocaust are absolutely harrowing . . . there are descriptive passages that make you catch your breathJodi Picoult's new book will leave you thinking about its story for a long time . . . it is an emotional and compelling taleIf you think you know Jodi Picoult, her latest novel will make you think again . . . a powerful and unexpected climaxAnother great readA beautifully woven story . . . the humour and characters wrap themselves around you, daring you to stop readingSimply stunningA very humanist affirmation of the power of stories to allow people to move forward, even if they should never forgetThemes of guilt, forgiveness and justice predominate and are sharpened by the belief that forgiveness can only be asked for, and given, by those who have been harmedI will start by saying that it is very difficult for me to review this book - I often find it difficult to review my favourite books as I find it hard to truly express how much I enjoyed them. From the first page, I knew that THE STORYTELLER would become one of my all time favourites. Jodi Picoult is definitely a favourite author of mine, yet she still manages to blow me away every single time I pick up one of her books. This one was no differentNever has a work of fiction seemed so realistic to me, all of the different stories magnificently intertwined to create a book which is truly on a new level. There are certain books that leave you bereft knowing that there is no more story to tell and this is one of them.Beautifully written, compelling fiction. I couldn't put it down. I'm now bereft!Picoult back to her best . . . hard to put down. This book lingers with you after you've finished . . . It has compassion, anger, and a small touch of happily ever after that doesn't destroy the realism of the main events. If you can stomach a story based in the horrors of Nazi concentration camps then read THE STORYTELLER. It's worth the time you'll spend lost in its pages.Impossible to put down . . . This is a story that not only pulls at your heart strings but thrusts you into a world of fantasy and monsters, in the most real senseI've read most of Jodi Picoult's novels and this has to be one of the best.Never afraid of the big themes, Picoult's book is all about guilt, redemption and being true to oneselfA romance-cum-issues-based page-turner dealing in history, its evils and the possibility of forgiveness and transformation, this is as harrowing as it is readable with powerful scenes in Auschwitz.Picoult is an expert at keeping you turning the pagesThe tone is sombre, but this meticulously researched novel is well worth the effortJodi Picoult grew up in Nesconset, New York. She received an A.B. in creative writing from Princeton and a master's degree in education from Harvard. Her previous novels include House Rules, Nineteen Minutes, and My Sister's Keeper. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three children. Jodi's UK website is www.jodipicoult.co.uk and she can be found on Facebook and Twitter at facebook.com/JodiPicoultUK and twitter.com/jodipicoult. She also has a YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/JodiPicoultOfficial.Jodi Picoult is the UK's top-selling author of women's fiction - over 6.2 million copies sold through UK Bookscan since October 2004.Can someone who's committed a truly heinous act ever atone for it with subsequent good behaviour? Should you offer forgiveness to someone if you aren't the party who was wronged? Classic Jodi Picoult, involving thought-provoking questions about good and evil, forgiveness and punishment.International and wide-ranging in its scope, THE STORYTELLER explores the long-lasting emotional scars of the Holocaust and WWII.An exciting new cover treatment will clearly signal the exceptional quality of Jodi's writing, perfect for the reading group market while still appealing to her loyal fans.An ambitious strategy for growth through unprecedented social media and marketing activity that will raise brand awareness to a whole new level.
John Murray Press will publish the book of the BBC Radio 4 series Tweet of the Day, which highlights the songs and calls of Britain’s birds.

John Murray Press buys Tweet of the Day

John Murray Press buys Tweet of the Day

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