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  • Free Speech: All That Matters

    By Alan Haworth
    Alan Haworth
    What is free speech?; Why does it matter? These are pressing questions. In this book, Alan Haworth outlines and analyses the main arguments philosophers have advanced over the centuries, in an attempt to answer them clearly. He emphasises the strengths but also the weaknesses of those arguments, demonstrating that an understanding of both is essential if one is to to grasp the true nature and value of free speech. The contemporary debate over free speech tends to be clouded by rhetoric. Against that, Haworth stands back and takes a cool look at the issues. This book comes down on the side of clarity. It is an essential primer on an important topic.
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    Facts, Facts, Facts

    By Chambers
    14 Thematic SectionsSpace - Earth - Climate and Environment - Natural History - Human Body, Health and Nutrition - Science and Technology - History - Arts and Culture - Thought and Belief - Sports and Games - Time - Communication - Social Structure - Nations of the World.Covering everything from music to mythology and the human body to history, Chambers Facts, Facts, Facts is packed with a remarkable collection of information in a single quick-reference volume.All the essential facts and figures are clearly presented, together with extra features such as mini-biographies and glossaries. The full index and detailed contents listings makeit easy to find specific information.
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