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By Ralph Keyes
Ralph Keyes
We say a lot about ourselves by what we don't say. Words and phrases like 'collateral damage', 'wardrobe malfunction', 'vertically challenged', and old favourites like 'unmentionables' (trousers, apparently) or 'lady of the night' - all are ways of not using particular words. UNMENTIONABLES is a rollicking exploration of the history of euphemistic usage, looking at how taboos connected to sex, death, religion, war, politics, business and matters of status have produced an extraordinary linguistic creativity, and how euphemistic speech has changed over the centuries. It looks at how euphemisms are born, and how they die (or 'experience a negative outcome') and it explores why it is that we create euphemisms, and the different purposes - from the benign to the sinister - that they serve. (Is 'euphemism' a euphemism for lying?)Lively, entertaining, and crammed with fascinating nuggets of information, UNMENTIONABLES is a celebration of the richness of language. Why have just one word for something when you can have ten other words instead?
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  • Understand Music Theory: Teach Yourself

    By Margaret Richer
    Margaret Richer
    Is this the right book for me?Understand Music Theory offers a practical approach which uses active learning to impart knowledge. Suitable for complete beginners and assuming no previous experience, each chapter includes diagrams, examples, clear explanations, helpful hints and self-tests before moving on, which help create a sense of achievement as you make your way through the book. With results that will get you enjoying your music even more, this is an invaluable guide to understanding music theory.Understand Music Theory includes: Chapter 1: Introducing rhythmChapter 2: PitchChapter 3: MelodyChapter 4: More about pitchChapter 5: More about rhythmChapter 6: Sharps and flatsChapter 7: IntervalsChapter 8: More about intervalsChapter 9: Major scales and key signatures Chapter 10: Minor scales and key signaturesChapter 11: Compound time signaturesChapter 12: Introducing chordsChapter 13: HarmonyChapter 14: Adding accompaniment to a melodyChapter 15: Musical formChapter 16: Tone colour and interpretationChapter 17: Ornaments and non-harmonic notesChapter 18: Music theory in the 20th century Learn effortlessly with a new easy-to-read page design and interactive features: Not got much time?One, five and ten-minute introductions to key principles to get you started.Author insightsLots of instant help with common problems and quick tips for success, based on the author's many years of experience.Test yourselfTests in the book and online to keep track of your progress.Extend your knowledgeExtra online articles to give you a richer understanding of the subject.Five things to rememberQuick refreshers to help you remember the key facts.Try thisInnovative exercises illustrate what you've learnt and how to use it.
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