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You Have Chosen

By Denise Robins
Denise Robins
Toni Kenyon was young and pretty and passionately fond of all that life had to offer, but at this particular moment it seemed to offer nothing but unhappiness. For her best friend Helena had become engaged to the most wonderful man Toni had ever met. Nicholas Brendon; but Toni knew she was marrying him not for love, but for his money. For Toni, this was a heartbreaking situation and one which could only be overcome through much misery and unhappiness - but then, the path of true love was never an easy one, as Toni was to discover..
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The Year of Her Life

By Liz Ryan
Liz Ryan
Lauren Kilroy and Saiv Lovett have been best friends since one was a college dropout while the other headed the class. A decade later, Lauren is a high-flying advertising executive while Saiv is a shy philosophy professor, and still, each is the first person the other turns to for help. And now, Lauren needs her friend. Her hectic life includes parties every night, an apartment in trendy Temple Bar - and being the mistress of a high-profile judge who has given her what could be a fatal disease. Faced with the illness but refusing to confront it, Lauren contacts Saiv and talks her into into flying off to Italy, where a new world opens up for them both. While Lauren begins to re-think her busy, superficial, money-mad life and make the most of every moment, Saiv finds her own life changing along with Lauren's.'Liz Ryan understands not only a woman's heart but a woman's mind' Terry Keane Sunday Times
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