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The Inner Fix

By Persia Lawson, Joey Bradford, Addictive Daughter
Persia Lawson, Joey Bradford, Addictive Daughter
THE INNER FIX is a unique and practical step-by-step programme to help you dramatically improve your relationships, feel more confident and satisfied with your work, confront your financial blocks and become the best version of yourself - both inside and out.With our lives being overrun by social media and celebrity culture, being twenty-something has become pretty complicated. Wanting things we can't afford, finding ourselves stuck in a job we don't enjoy, or still living at home with mum and dad, we reach for things to try to perk us up (sex, booze and drugs) - but eventually, they turn out to be the very things that bring us down.Having been caught in a cycle of self-destructive behaviour and come out the other side, Persia and Joey - friends, life coaches and founders of Addictive Daughter - colourfully chart their lives from childhood insecurities to adolescent obsessions. With tools and exercises to work through at your own pace, THE INNER FIX is guaranteed to teach you how to stop worrying and start living.'I love these two, they are the dream team to help you fall back in love with yourself.' - Madeleine Shaw'A guide on how to build a happy, purposeful life in uncertain times.' - Stylist
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The Immortality Code

By Dermot O'connor
Dermot O'connor
Dermot, the bestselling author of THE HEALING CODE, developed his unique medical approach after he was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Rather than accepting his dire prognosis, Dermot set about creating his own unique healing system.Eleven years on, Dermot is in full health and has helped thousands of his clients recover and improve their health at his clinics in Dublin and London.THE IMMORTALITY CODE is the book for every man and woman who wishes to look good, feel great and live longer.
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In God We Doubt

By John Humphrys
John Humphrys
'All the erudition and pithy wit you would expect from Humphrys, but there is also a charming, genuine enquiry that shines through' MAIL ON SUNDAY* * * * * *Bestselling author, radio presenter and national treasure John Humphrys tackles the big question of God through his own personal journey and argues that doubt is the only credible belief. Throughout the ages believers have been persecuted - usually for believing in the "wrong" God. So have non-believers who have denied the existence of God as superstitious rubbish. Today it is the agnostics who are given a hard time. They are scorned by believers for their failure to find faith and by atheists for being hopelessly wishy-washy and weak-minded. But John Humphrys is proud to count himself among their ranks. In this book he takes us along the spiritual road he himself has travelled. He was brought up a Christian and prayed every day of his life until his growing doubts finally began to overwhelm his faith. As one of the nation's most popular and respected broadcasters, he had the rare opportunity in 2006 of challenging leaders of our three main religions to prove to him that God does exist. The Radio Four interviews - Humphrys In Search of God - provoked the biggest response to anything he has done in half a century of journalism. The interviews and the massive reaction from listeners had a profound effect on him - but not in the way he expected. Doubt is not the easy option. But for the millions who can find no easy answers to the most profound questions it is the only possible one.
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If It Hurts It Isn't Love

By Chuck Spezzano
Chuck Spezzano
If it Hurts, it isn't Love first came to media attention when Princess Diana gave an underlined and personally annotated copy of it to a friend. Its wise and inspiring principles clearly touched a chord with her - as they have many others in the previous edition. It is Chuck Spezzano's aim, through this book, to bring everyone the love and happiness they deserve.
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