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Leading Teams In A Week

By Nigel Cumberland
Nigel Cumberland
Leading a team just got easierWe live in a world of teams made up of all kinds of people. We see this every day on TV, in newspapers and on the web - it might news about a winning sports team, a company's leadership team who have succeeded in buying another company or it might be a about a group of homeowners who have won a battle against a big developer. This book is aimed at helping all of us no matter what kinds of teams we might need to lead - it might be a group of people running a country, playing a sport for university, organizing a Church fete, leading a start-up company, or managing a global multinational group. All such teams have leaders, who are those individuals given the task of ensuring that their team works well together to achieve whatever goals and objectives are required. Very few if any of us will spend our entire lives without at some point leading other people even if only for a short time and in many cases we often lead others without having a formal leadership title.In seven chapters, this book will walk you through the entire process of successfully leading and managing a team, showing you the key dos and don'ts and spelling out where you need to put special attention and focus. These seven chapters cover:- How to get started with a team, exploring what a great team looks like and how it performs, and how to create a new team from scratch with individuals who bring their own habits, skills and expectations- The stages of development of a team and how a new manager can gain the respect and understanding of a team - The importance of aligning a team and setting common goals and expectations with clear agreement on a mission, vision and values.- How to create a team culture and processes of excellent communication, with clearly understood expectations, well run team meetings and discussions, and the minimizing of any conflict and gossip- How to work with remote or virtual team members where face-to-face meetings are difficult to arrange- How to identify and work with problematic and nonperforming members of your team and how to balancefairness and discipline- How to ensure that each team member's job role is clear and that the work is efficiently delegated and shared among the team members- How to grow your team through excellent training and development, including coaching, mentoring and on-thejob training- How to turn a good team into a team with a culture of excellence- How to create a self-functioning team which can operate in your absence and in which you have groomed a successor to take over from you if needed.
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Leadership In A Week

By Carol O'Connor
Carol O'Connor
Leadership In A Week is a simple and straightforward guide to leadership success, giving you everything you need to know in just seven short chapters. From inspiring others and gaining their support, to setting priorities, giving direction and making decisions, you'll explore your inner resources and discover your untapped leadership qualities.This book introduces you to the main themes and ideas of leading, giving you a basic knowledge and understanding of the key concepts, together with practical and thought-provoking exercises. Whether you choose to read it in a week or in a single sitting, Leadership In A Week is your fastest route to success:- Sunday: Self-awareness- Monday: Understanding people- Tuesday: Communication- Wednesday: Authority and power- Thursday: Making decisions- Friday: Connecting and linking- Saturday: Vision and inspirationABOUT THE SERIESIn A Week books are for managers, leaders, and business executives who want to succeed at work. From negotiating and content marketing to finance and social media, the In A Week series covers the business topics that really matter and that will help you make a difference today. Written in straightforward English, each book is structured as a seven-day course so that with just a little work each day, you will quickly master the subject. In a fast-changing world, this series enables readers not just to get up to speed, but to get ahead.
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The Leadership Coach: Teach Yourself

By Tony Buon
Tony Buon
Most business books just tell you what to do. The Leadership Coach will guide you every step of the way.Understand your leadership styleDevelop your weaknesses into strengthsInspire and encourage your teamFocus on leading, not managingMake a positive impact on your business Who are you?Any leader who is excited by the opportunity to take their skills to the next levelWhere will this book take you?You will have a firm understanding of your leadership style and how you can be most effectiveHow does it work?The book uses the proven WORKBOOK METHOD, meaning it is packed with interactive exercises and self-assessment tools to help you reach your potential.What else do I get?The book includes access to a range of free downloadable templates and resources which will help you develop even further.
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