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Outstanding Confidence In A Week

By Patrick Forsyth
Patrick Forsyth
Building confidence just got easierIt is an old saying, and perhaps a sobering thought, that 'if you think you can, you can, and if you think you can't, you're right'. What often makes the difference between doing something successfully and failure is the level of confidence you bring to the task. The trick is to ensure that you have sufficient confidence to bring.You have a choice. Either you opt out: operating on whatever level of self-confidence circumstances bestow upon you, recognizing that human nature, the competitive workplace and other influences tend to exert a negative pressure to reduce the level of self-confidence you have. Or you adopt an active approach and determine that you will work at achieving a useful level of self-confidence despite all the world may throw at you. It really is a no-brainer, especially since much that you need to do to take control is straightforward.View it the right way and take action to make it possible and confidence, and confidence in the workplace particularly (the focus here), can be increased. This book is designed to help. It sets out practical approaches, ways of thinking and ways of doing that will help you - and it shows how very manageable some of those techniques are to deploy.Each of the seven chapters in Outstanding Confidence In A Week covers a different aspect:- Sunday: What is confidence?- Monday: A little judicious self-analysis- Tuesday: The nature of the workplace- Wednesday: Working at creating confidence- Thursday: The contribution of appearance- Friday: Communication to the rescue- Saturday: A foundation of knowledge and skill
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Overcome Depression: Teach Yourself

By Alice Muir
Alice Muir
At any time, one in twenty people suffers from severe, clinical depression. If you or someone close to you may be one of them, this is book will be your perfect companion through your depression.No book can claim to 'cure' depression, which is a serious illness for which people should seek medical help. What this book does is demystify the illness, help remind you that you're not alone, provide moving case studies of people who have been in similar situations, and talk you through some practical things you can do to alleviate the effects of depression. It also explains the key treatments, including medication, cognitive behavioural therapy, and alternative therapies.
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