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Thinking in Numbers

By Daniel Tammet
Daniel Tammet
This is the book that Daniel Tammet, bestselling author and mathematical savant, was born to write. In Tammet's world, numbers are beautiful and mathematics illuminates our lives and minds. Using anecdotes and everyday examples, Tammet allows us to share his unique insights and delight in the way numbers, fractions and equations underpin all our lives.Inspired by the complexity of snowflakes, Anne Boleyn's sixth finger or his mother's unpredictable behaviour, Tammet explores questions such as why time seems to speed up as we age, whether there is such a thing as an average person and how we can make sense of those we love.Thinking in Numbers will change the way you think about maths and fire your imagination to see the world with fresh eyes.
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The Two-Second Advantage

By Vivek Ranadive And Kevin Maney
Vivek Ranadive And Kevin Maney
What makes a great CEO, statesman, performer or sportsman is their ability to anticipate events before they happen... to predict where a business trend - even a football - is going a split second before anyone else.The Two-Second Advantage explores the science behind the ways our brains act as predictive machines and shows how you too can learn the skills to put yourself those vital seconds ahead of the competition. And now technology is becoming just as skilful - anticipating what customers want before they know, traffic jams before they occur, and snags even before the problems happen. Computers too are learning how to 'think' and help us be ahead.Success comes from predicting the future with the right information and the right help just a fraction before anyone else. So here's how to give yourself The Two-Second Advantage.
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Top Performer

By Stephen Lundin And Carr Hagerm
Stephen Lundin And Carr Hagerm
Stephen Lundin has helped thousands of people to transform their businesses through the phenomenal bestselling FISH! series. Now, the pioneering author has developed a new formula for success that demonstrates how the energy, passion and dynamism that street performers bring to their art can be harnessed by managers to enliven businesses and to inject a massive boost to sales. In this engaging parable, Jim, a disciplined but uninspired sales manager encounters a street performer and is struck by his ability to engage his audience and how good he makes the people around him feel. The two join forces and the result is a book that is packed with innovative techniques to produce dramatic improvements in natural energy and sales performance. Top Performer's simple but life-changing lessons include:¬? - Claim Your Pitch (Own your work, and stand out as the unique and authentic you.)¬? - Mine the Mess (Look for inspiration in unexpected places.)¬? - Choose Your Close (Make it original, so they'll never forget you.)¬? - . . . and so much more!
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By Peter Jones
Peter Jones
This is the book that budding entrepreneurs everywhere have been waiting for. Dragon's Den star Peter Jones will demonstrate how anyone can become successful - you just need guts, determination and ideas. In Tycoon, Peter offers his personal insight into the qualities and skills he believes every successful entrepreneur possesses. His Ten Golden Rules provide key building blocks for turning your ideas into successful businesses. He shows how to road test your ideas, create momentum behind a project, inject investors with enthusiasm for your ideas, and how to have the courage to risk failing in order to see your vision become a money-spinning reality. A hugely inspiring book - it's the ultimate guide to thinking like a millionaire and becoming one.
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