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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff for Men

By Richard Carlson
Richard Carlson
Richard Carlson has shown people how not to sweat the small stuff with their families, in love, at work and at home. His wife Kris has shown women how to live more peacefully, and now Richard devotes an entire book to helping men to relax and live in a more productive and calm manner. The book includes such topics as:-Be a quitter-Get out of the serious mode-Rid yourself of a busy mind-Grant yourself one hour-See stress as non-sexy-Learning from other 'sweaters'
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Don't Sweat the Small Stuff for Women

By Kristine Carlson
Kristine Carlson
The Don't Sweat series has helped countless readers rethink the way they address life's big and small problems.. Now in a book written specifically for women, Kristine Carlson offers the same calming and encouraging advice in 100 short and spirited essays. It addresses such important and timely issues as balancing family and work demands, debating effectively with spouses and partners, dealing with children and friendships, finding time for reflection and self-care, and much more.Kristine Carlson helps readers focus on what's really important, keep in touch with their feelings, live with spirit, and - when all else fails - learn to laugh. A true life-saver, this potent book is full of sage advice and comforting thoughts, from one busy woman to another.
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Dark Side of the Light Chasers

By Debbie Ford
Debbie Ford
In this enlightening guide, Debbie Ford explains that the dark side of our personality should not be hidden. By denying our dark side, we reject these aspects of our true natures rather than giving ourselves the freedom to live authentically. Here she shows that it is possible to acknowledge and accept our so-called weaknesses, proving that these qualities may be important, hidden strengths. For example, perhaps some 'selfishness' can save us from exhaustion and resentment.Full of illuminating stories and practical exercises, Debbie Ford shows us how to reconcile our darker impulses and find the gifts they offer. Your life will be transformed when you unconceal, own, and embrace your shadow.
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