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Mail On Sunday Supersudoku

By The Mail On Sunday
The Mail On Sunday
Britain is well and truly hooked on Sudoku, the logic puzzle par excellence. Supersudoku is a fiendish variation, with sixteen grids instead of the usual nine. It's much more difficult to complete, and has won legions of fans in the Mail on Sunday. Mail on Sunday Supersudoku is the first ever book of Supersudoku puzzles, and contains 300 mind-bending pages of Supersudoku from the paper's own puzzlers. If you're hooked on Sudoku and are looking for the next challenge, get ready - this won't be easy!
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My Spin on Cricket

By Richie Benaud
Richie Benaud
'What seeps through the pages is Benaud's passion for the game, his open-mindedness and his eye for a story. He has become a cricket institution' The Sunday Times'His timing is magical, his phrasing simple and his choice of what and when, quite brilliant ... his heart beats upon our summer game and frequently acts as its conscience' Daily Telegraph'It's his insight, loyalty, generosity and quick wit that has kept him at the very top' The Sun* * * * * *A Sunday Times top ten hardback bestseller, this is a hugely enjoyable celebration of the game of cricket, written by its most popular TV commentator.My Spin on Cricket tells the story of the great game through the ages, through personal anecdotes and a lively, well informed narrative by Richie Benaud, the popular cricket commentator and former Australian cricket captain. Hailed as one of the most influential cricketer and cricket personalities of the last fifty years, he was the runaway winner in The Wisden Cricketer's commentators' poll of 2005. With the emphasis on the modern game, Richie puts current events under the spotlight and relates them to the past. He discusses all aspects of the game, including gambling, sledging, leadership and technological development in this entertaining and highly informative book.
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Moon Cottage Cats Volume Two

By Marilyn Edwards
Marilyn Edwards
As a beautiful companion to the much loved THE MOON COTTAGE CATS VOLUME ONE, this lovely second volume is a must-read for anyone who delights in Marilyn Edwards' ability to bring to life her experiences with the feline friends she has shared her life with. Beautifully illustrated throughout by Peter Warner, the last two books in the series, THE CATS ON HUTTON ROOF and THE COACH HOUSE CATS discuss passion, love, laughter, tenderness and above all why cats matter.
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