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The Year After

By Martin Davies
Martin Davies
DECEMBER 1919. Tom Allen, uncomfortable in London after five years in uniform, receives an invitation to spend Christmas at Hannesford Court.It's almost as if nothing has changed. Cards in the library after dinner. The Boxing Day shoot. The New Year ball. Margot.But Tom hasn't forgotten the professor. A strange meeting in Germany has raised a question in his mind: in all his visits to Hannesford before the War, all those years observing the glittering life of its owners, how much did he ever really see?
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The Young Montrose

By Nigel Tranter
Nigel Tranter
Nigel Tranter tells the fascinating yet desperate story of a gallant nobleman from the initial snub he received from Charles I, the monarch he is to devote his life to serving.    A brilliant leader, a renowned strategist, a talented moderate in a bigoted age:  James Graham, the Marquis of Montrose, is a man of great charm and steadfast loyalty.  Reluctantly involved in in national affairs, his most hated enemy is Archibald Campbell, Marquis of Argyll.  It seems that nothing can stand in the way of Montrose's triumph.'Through his imaginative dialogue, he provides a voice for Scotland's heroes' Scotland on Sunday
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