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Liar, Liar

By Lisa Jackson
Lisa Jackson
Remmi's mother was always a liar. But did her lies get her killed?'Shiveringly good suspense!' Lisa GardnerA woman jumps to her death from a 20 story building. She looks a lot like washed up beauty queen Didi Storm, but her daughter Remmi is adamant: that's not her mother. To solve the mystery of who jumped - and why - Remmi Storm and cop Dani Settler have to go back to the start, to a deal conducted in the Las Vegas desert 22 years ago, which went terribly wrong...A fast-paced thriller for fans for Lisa Gardner and Karen Rose, with Lisa Jackson's trademark mix of dark secrets and stunning twistsWhat the readers are saying'Liar Liar is a story of deceit, murder and duplicity. Easily devoured in one sitting, and one that I read with a sense of urgency. I am definitely a new fan''A fantastic read. I loved the story and the characters especially Remmie. This was a shocking twister of a read. 5*''This is a pacy and engaging read that draws on a dual timeline to slowly reveal the facts as they are. There are some great twists and a stunning array of dark secrets throughout. I will be definitely be reading more from Lisa Jackson''As the title suggests, this is a story of lies, deception, betrayal, ambition and murder. This was an engrossing and engaging read from Lisa Jackson which I thoroughly enjoyed reading''I have never read a Lisa Jackson book I didn't like and enjoy and this one is no exception''This one drew me in from first page''This book has several mysteries with all sorts of roads to travel down in search of the truth. You won't want to put it down. There was a surprise at the ending that I didn't expect'
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