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The Zealot's Bones

By D.M. Mark
D.M. Mark
Two men seeking the bones of a martyr stumble upon the crimes of a devil in the stunning historical crime novel by bestselling author David Mark.Hull, 1849: a city in the grip of a cholera outbreak that sees its poorest citizens cut down by the cartload. Into this world of flame and grief comes former soldier Meshach Stone. He's been hired as bodyguard by an academic hunting for the bones of the apostle Simon the Zealot, rumoured to lie somewhere in Lincolnshire. Stone can't see why ancient bones are of interest in a world full of them. Then a woman he briefly loved is killed. As he investigates, he realizes that she is one of many... and that some deaths cry out for vengeance.
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  • The Zurich Numbers

    By Bill Granger
    Bill Granger
    WARNING: ADDICTIVE READING.WE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OF TIME, DRY EYES OR DISCONNECTION WITH REALITY FOLLOWING PROLONGED READING.'Granger has combined Ian Fleming, John Le Carré and Trevanian in one heady mix' New York TimesSTART READING THE NOVEMBER MAN SERIES NOW! Then go on to read the rest, you won't regret it.Devereaux has lived on the edge for long enough to know trouble when it comes his way. He has been out of action for a year, but he is still a target. The Opposition won't forget the November Man and won't make the same mistakes again. Even R Section can't offer him much protection but, as Devereaux said himself, all the king's horses and all the king's men won't stop the Russians getting what they want. So with a KGB issued contract on his life drawing Soviet hitmen onto US soil, Devereaux is out on his own. Precisely where he wants to be...'America's best spy novelist' - Ed McBainLoved this? Read Hemingway's Notebook next . . .
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    Z Cars Again

    By Allan Prior
    Allan Prior
    Z Victor One takes to the streets once more when a spate of school burglaries attracts the attention of P.C. Jock Weir and P.C Fancy Smith. Based on the classic BBC series, voted one of the 100 Greatest British Television Programmes of the 20th century.
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