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A View From the Square

By John Trenhaile
John Trenhaile
Stepan Ilyich Povin, the KGB's chief of foreign intelligence, is seeking asylum in the West. In exchange he offers a stunning piece of information: The Soviets are about to capture a sophisticated American spy plane that radar cannot detect, a plane that is so crucial to America's defense that she will risk war to keep its secrets from the Soviets.The Americans send Kirk Binderhaven - an ex-CIA operative and survivor of countless perilous assignments - to destory the plane. Deep within Soviet territory, trekking across snowbound Siberian wastes to reach his target, Binderhaven will encounter the cruelest odds of his career...and a beautiful Russian woman who will become critical to the whole enterprise. A VIEW FROM THE SQUARE is the second book in the Stepan Povin trilogy, the thrilling sequel to A Man Called Kyril
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