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  • Vanilla Ride

    By Joe R. Lansdale
    Joe R. Lansdale
    Meet Hap and Leonard, the unlikely detective duo now on screen in the highly praised series starring James Purefoy, Michael K. Williams and Christina Hendricks.Hap Collins and Leonard Pine, the kings of East Texas mischief and mayhem, return in this full-throttle thriller to face off with the Dixie Mafia. When Leonard is asked to rescue a teenage girl from a lowly drug dealer, he gladly agrees and invites Hap along for the ride. Everything goes according to plan, until they find out the dealer is a member of the Dixie mafia. A wild gun fight ensues, after which Hap and Leonard are arrested. Turns out, however, that the law needs a favour and if Hap and Leonard can do the deed they'll be free to roam. There's one problem, the Dixie Mafia's new hired gun - the legendary assassin Vanilla Ride.Filled with breakneck action, gut-busting laughs, and one gigantic alligator, this hilarious novel is as hot as a habanero pepper.
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    A View From the Square

    By John Trenhaile
    John Trenhaile
    Stepan Ilyich Povin, the KGB's chief of foreign intelligence, is seeking asylum in the West. In exchange he offers a stunning piece of information: The Soviets are about to capture a sophisticated American spy plane that radar cannot detect, a plane that is so crucial to America's defense that she will risk war to keep its secrets from the Soviets.The Americans send Kirk Binderhaven - an ex-CIA operative and survivor of countless perilous assignments - to destory the plane. Deep within Soviet territory, trekking across snowbound Siberian wastes to reach his target, Binderhaven will encounter the cruelest odds of his career...and a beautiful Russian woman who will become critical to the whole enterprise. A VIEW FROM THE SQUARE is the second book in the Stepan Povin trilogy, the thrilling sequel to A Man Called Kyril
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