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Enjoying Where You Are on the Way to Where You Are Going

By Joyce Meyer
Joyce Meyer
Are you enjoying every day of your life? Or do you tell yourself and others you will find happiness once you have reached a specific goal or position in life?Jesus came so that we might have and enjoy life (John 10:10). Joy is a fruit of the Spirit. If you have not been enjoying your life to the fullest, it is time to begin!In this book, Joyce Meyer combines biblical principles with personal experiences for a powerful teaching on how to enjoy everyday on your journey through life. By applying the principles outlines in this book, you will learn:*How to make the decision to enjoy life*How to rid yourself of regret and dread*How to experience the simplicity of life*How to find joy during times of waiting*How to finish your course with joyEnjoying life is not based on enjoyable circumstances. It is an attitude of your heart. So learn how to enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going today!
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Exercising Your Soul

By Gary Jansen
Gary Jansen
Millions of us have jumped on the healthy living craze. More and more people are exercising every day. Millions more are watching what they eat (and millions of people sadly are not). The organic food industry, still in its nascent stage is a multi-billion dollar industry that offers people healthy alternatives to the processed foods so many have grown up on. There are gyms and spas to exercise the body, schools, and books to exercise the mind. But what about the soul? How many people give as much time to their soul as they give their minds and bodies?EXERCISING YOUR SOUL is a fitness programme for the soul, one that offers simple techniques to recharge your spirit and enhance your relationships with yourself, with others, and with God.
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Every Day a Friday

By Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen
The title comes from research that shows people are happiest on Fridays. Pastor Joel Osteen writes how we can generate this level of contentment and joy every day of the week.Known as a man who maintains a constant positive outlook in spite of circumstances, Osteen has described this message as a core theme of his ministry. Combining his personal experiences with scriptural insights and principles for true happiness, he shows readers how every day can hold the same promise and opportunities for pure joy that they experience at five o'clock on Friday.
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