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The Deverell Woman

By Meg Hutchinson
Meg Hutchinson
Maura Deverell is a young Irish peasant girl whose mother is dying of consumption. Their cruel landlord threatens to throw them out of their cottage unless Maura agrees to marry his young son, Liam Riordan. But before Maura can decide, she is brutally raped by Liam's brother Padraig, who gloats that once she is under their roof, Maura will be at his mercy - his sexual slave.Weak though she is, Maura's mother does not let this vicious act go unavenged. She curses the Riordans and then, on her deathbed, makes Maura promise to leave Ireland for good. Maura ends up in Birmingham, after many narrow escapes from rape and death. Even when she makes staunch friends, and discovers a protector in the shape of Aiden Shanley, she longs to go home, stopped only by her promise to her mother. Eventually the wicked Riordans meet a well deserved sticky end and Maura is persuaded to return and marry Liam after all.
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Down Weavers Lane

By Anna Jacobs
Anna Jacobs
'Best period book I have EVER read! - 5-star reader review'Emmy Carter's mother is a prostitute - and her life has made Emmy determined to avoid the same fate. But Emmy is beautiful, so attracts unwanted attention; her mother's protector has his eye on her, as does evil Marcus Armistead, her employer's nephew. Marcus is excited by Emmy's virginity and has her kidnapped, but Emmy hits him over the head and escapes. Marcus, futher enraged, kills her mother and becomes even more determined to rape Emmy, but the combined efforts of the local parson and Emmy's young suitor manage to keep her safe from harm. Finally Emmy sees Marcus get his just desserts, finds out who her father was, and attains the respectability she has so longed for.***********************What readers are saying about DOWN WEAVER'S LANE'Could not put this book down' - 5 stars'Kept wanting to read it all in one go' - 5 stars'Such a brilliant writer . . . once you start to read this book you won't be able to put it down' - 5 stars'A gripping novel' - 5 stars'This book was brilliant - get the tissues ready!' - 5 stars
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Docker's Daughter

By Sally Worboyes
Sally Worboyes
Young Kay Armstrong wants to break away from her tough East End background where her friends are turning to crime. She gets a job in the City and her prospects are good. But when she plans a holiday to Spain that involves forging her passport, she takes a step too far...Meanwhile her dad, Jack, is spearheading the great dock strike; he and his wife Laura worry about their headstrong daughter, especially the new set of friends introducing her to fashionable restaurants and the pleasures of drinking. Then Zacchi, the handsome gypsy boyfriend of her past reappears, and Kay has some hard choices to make...Set against the backdrop of small-time crooks and big-time villains, the docks, streets, markets and pubs of Whitechapel, Docker's Daughter is authentic and moving, full of the unquenchable spirit of the East End.
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A Day Will Come

By Audrey Howard
Audrey Howard
Daisy Brindle is a field girl, tramping the roads of Lancashire in a gang of women and children, hired out by a brutal monster for stone picking, harvesting, winter work down the pits. Miles Thornley, heir to a great estate, arrogant and spoilt, changes her life. He teaches Daisy to love, seduces her - and casually casts her aside. He teaches her to hate.Driven onto the streets of Liverpool, Daisy is rescued by a man of honesty and restless energy, sea captain Sam Lassiter.First as his mistress and then as his wife and business partner, Daisy comes to enjoy the better things in life. But her unrelenting drive for revenge on the dissolute Miles threatens the destruction of everything she has worked for and achieved. Begins finally to threaten her marriage to Sam Lassiter...
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