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Hot Property

By Sarah O'brien
Sarah O'brien
Some Monday mornings are trickier than others. Ellen Grace should know:1) A spontaneously combusted car2) A new boss who's an old lover3) An upright corpse to greet her at her first appointmentBut all chances of reasonable thought are eclipsed by the dual distractions of brooding stranger Tony Jordan and the perfect bum of new-boss-ex-lover Andrew. Murmurings of crime lords and dodgy dealings soar straight over the estate agent's head.Hot Property is an uproarious tale of love, lust . . . and the confusing bit in between.
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The Hollow Hills

By Mary Stewart
Mary Stewart
The countryside of England and Wales in the Dark Ages forms an almost tangible background to this wonderfully and powerfully realised picture of an ancestral hero coming to manhood. The Hollow Hills is the brilliant portrayal of the young Arthur from his birth to accession to the throne of Britain. And behind and around him is the strong, yet vulnerable figure of Merlin who sees and knows so much but is powerless to prevent the strife and violence of his turbulent times.The Hollow Hills was first published in 1973 and tells the story of Merlin's guardianship of Arthur. He leads Arthur to the sword that tests his claim to power and the crown.
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