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By Steve Toltz
Steve Toltz
'A tour de force of sustained brilliance' Mail on SundayWildly funny and unceasingly surprising, Quicksand is both a satirical masterpiece and an unforgettable story of fate, family and friendship.Aldo Benjamin may be the unluckiest soul in human history, but that isn't going to stop his friend Liam writing about him. For what more could an aspiring novelist want from his muse than a thousand get-rich-quick schemes, a life-long love affair, an eloquently named brothel, the most sexually confusing evening imaginable and a brief conversation with God? 'What a joy to surrender oneself to a writer of such prodigious talent.'Peter Carey 'Tremendous' Sunday Times
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Q - The Autobiography of Quincy Jones

By Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones' creative magic has spanned over six decades - as musician, producer, arranger, composer, entertainer, entrepreneur extraordinaire - and he stands today as one of the most successful and admired artists in the entertainment world. In this wonderfully personal account, Quincy Jones writes about the many trials and tribulations of his life, as well as the success stories. He writes movingly of his childhood, when his schizophrenic mother was taken away in front of him in a strait-jacket and he and his brother spent summers at his grandma's shack in Louisville eating fried rats for dinner. He reveals the truth about the discovery of his remarkable musical talent, his move to New York where he met and played with all his jazz heroes including Charles Mingus, Charlier Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, and his breakdown many years later. This stylish and candid story also touches on his many wives and children, and is packed with countless anecdotes about his equally famous friends, from Miles Davis to Ray Charles, Bill Clinton, Picasso, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson.In this long-awaited autobiography of one of the most successful black entrepreneurs of our times, Quincy Jones paints the scenes he's lived, the moments he's relished and the wisdom he's picked up along the way.
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The Quick and the Dead

By Willa Marsh
Willa Marsh
Clarissa really falls in love with the house - a beautiful Tudor manor in the Welsh marches: marrying Thomas is simply the best way to get it. But life there isn't quite the idyll she expects. Thomas is so busy with the farm that he doesn't see the need for a social life, and his two elderly, eccentric aunts- though charm itself - aren't the most stimulating companions. When Evan appears on the scene, Clarissa is ripe for a little diversion, but the complications that ensue demand Welsh magic to unravel them.
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