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The Centre of the Bed

By Joan Bakewell
Joan Bakewell
The story of Joan Bakewell's life and times spans the Blitz in Manchester, Cambridge during the glittering era of Michael Frayn, Peter Hall, Jonathan Miller et al, London at its most exciting in the swinging sixties and the world of the media and the arts from the 60s to the present. As she reflects on the choices she has made and the influences that shaped her, she confronts painful childhood memories of her mother's behaviour and describes both her affair with Harold Pinter and her two marriages with remarkable honesty. Throughout she uses her own experience to explore the extraordinary change in women's roles during her lifetime. This is no ordinary celebrity autobiography but a memoir that is beautifully written, frank and absorbing, which draws a thought-provoking portrait of Britain in the last 70 years.
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Clive - The Life and Death of a British Emperor

By Robert Harvey
Robert Harvey
'A dashing biography full of rich detail and sharp comment'The TimesRobert Harvey has written an in-depth study of the extraordinary man who was one of Britain's great romantic adventurers. At the age of 35, Clive had conquered the continent of India and established an empire that endured for two centuries. Despite his fame and immense fortune, he died mysteriously at the age of 50. His death was thought by many to be suicide, but Harvey produces compelling evidence that casts doubt on that. With access to unpublished papers CLIVE OF INDIA illuminates the real man behind the myths for the first time.
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