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    • ISBN:9781473658127
    • Publication date:07 Sep 2017
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Coaching for Performance

The Principles and Practices of Coaching and Leadership

By John Whitmore

  • Paperback
  • £24.95

This major new edition is totally revised and updated with new material on coaching in a crisis and leadership for a difficult future. Contains the eponymous GROW model (Goals, Reality, Options, Will), now established as the basis for coaching professionals.

Coaching for Performance is the bible of the industry and very much the definitive work that all coaches stand on.

This fourth edition explains clearly and in-depth how to unlock people's potential to maximise their performance. It contains the eponymous GROW model (Goals, Reality, Options, Will), now established as the basis for coaching professionals. Clear, concise, hands-on and reader-friendly, this is a coaching guide written in a coaching style. Coaching for Performance digs deep into the roots of coaching, particularly transpersonal psychology, a useful model for personal development and in-depth coaching. There are new coaching questions and fresh chapters on emotional intelligence and high-performance leadership.

Whitmore also considers the future of coaching and its role in the transformation of learning and workplace relationships, as well as illustrating how coaching can help in a crisis.

Biographical Notes

Sir John Whitmore was one of the giants of the coaching profession and established the field of coaching in the UK. His book Coaching for Performance was one of the very first coaching books, has sold over a million copies in seventeen different languages and introduced the world to the "GROW model". John was honoured with the President's Award by the International Coach Federation and rated the number one business coach by the Independent. He was a passionate advocate for coaching, not only as it supports individuals or corporations, but as a way to contribute to society. He was the Chairman of Performance Consultants International.

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  • ISBN: 9781857885354
  • Publication date: 04 Jun 2009
  • Page count: 240
  • Imprint: Nicholas Brealey Publishing
A must read for any coach aspiring to do advanced work with their clients. Bringing together the simplicity of the coaching process and the larger scope of the coaching profession in a readable and provocative way, Coaching for Performance forecasts the necessary evolution that awaits the world of business and the world of coaching. — Laura Whitworth, co-founder of The Coaches Training Institute and author of Co-Active Coaching
Whitmore has ensured that the book will remain the leading text in its field. The layout makes reading the book pleasurable and greatly assists in appreciating its content. The book falls into four sections. The first introduces the principles of coaching and shows it as a way of managing, an attitude of mind rather than a tool to effect a one-off change. The second section and core of the book deals with the practices of coaching. The approach taken is wide-ranging and usefully includes team coaching. Ideas drawn from management development are interwoven with coaching methodologies drawn from the social sciences. The third section is devoted to leadership for high performance. Leadership in the world today calls for pride of place in a book on management coaching. Whitmore achieves in a few pages what full works on leadership often fail to reach - an understanding of the subject and sound advice on sowing the seeds to develop the skills to lead others. The final section looks at emotional intelligence (EI) and the tools of transformational psychology. Fortunately Whitmore, a qualified psychologist, is thoroughly grounded and relates the coaching process without peeling off into mysticism or spiritualism. If you read an earlier edition then little persuasion will be required to read this edition to bring you up to the cutting edge of coaching — Professional Manager
Overall, the newly written sections on leadership for high performance and transformation through transpersonal coaching really stand out. They are up-to-date, relevant and make a significant challenge to the readers mindset. These pages offer interesting dimensions on models of psychosynthesis, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence and boundaries in coaching. — People Management
Widely regarded as the Bible of coaching, this is an essential read for any manager who uses coaching skills. — Business Traveller
John Whitmore's book stands out. It is a comprehensive guide to practical coaching practices, complete with techniques that readers can integrate into their own careers. — GetAbstract
The teaching styles demonstrated in this book will encourage you - and your clients - to question everything you do. Borrow it, find it, steal it, read it; but you will probably have to buy it because you won't want to give it back. — Driving Instructor Magazine
Personal tone and straightforward language. — Management Today