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    • ISBN:9781473685123
    • Publication date:09 Aug 2018
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    • Publication date:09 Aug 2018
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How a Sister's Testimony Brought Down a Criminal Mastermind

By Astrid Holleeder and Astrid Holleeder

  • Hardback
  • £16.99

In 2013, Astrid Holleeder decided to do the unthinkable: to testify against their brother Willem. A story of family and loyalty, high risks and high stakes, it heralded the fall of one of the world's highest-profile gangsters.

Willem Holleeder is one of the most notorious criminals in contemporary history. Best known for his involvement in the 1983 kidnapping of Alfred Heineken, CEO and Chairman of Heineken, and his infamous 2006 trial in which he was convicted of extortion, money laundering and membership of a criminal organization, Willem Holleeder captured the attention of the world. What few knew was how Willem had terrorized, extorted and threatened his family for thirty years, just as his alcoholic father - an employee at Heineken - had dominated and mistreated the family for years. Children, sisters, women, in-laws and mother: no one escaped the despotic behaviour of father and son.

But Willem's latest conviction is quickly becoming the trial of the century. Charged for his involvement in multiple assassinations, including that of his former partner and brother-in-law, Willem is finally being put on trial for murder, all due to the shocking and incriminating testimony of his own family. Having spent years as his unwilling consigliere, Willem's own sister Astrid is finally breaking her silence and going on the record.

In this stunning memoir, Astrid finally reveals decades of familial manipulation and fear and her own thrilling experience working as a double cross, preserving enough trust to attain the information that would convict her brother for life.

Biographical Notes

Astrid Holleeder is a Dutch lawyer and writer . She is the sister of criminal Willem Holleeder and was, together with her older sister and a former friend of Willem, a witness to his prosecution. Her memoir Judas sold 80,000 copies on the first day of publication. The book became the best-selling book in the Netherlands in 2016. Her second book, Diary of a Witness, also became an instant bestseller.

  • Other details

  • ISBN: 9781473685109
  • Publication date: 09 Aug 2018
  • Page count: 416
  • Imprint: John Murray
Currently in hiding as the case proceeds, Holleeder has written a harrowing, courageous account of murder and family loyalty while sacrificing her career and her identity in the process. A riveting, sensational, unforgettable autobiography. — Kirkus - starred review