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    • ISBN:9781473662445
    • Publication date:22 Mar 2018
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    • Publication date:22 Mar 2018
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Win Freedom From Self-Sabotage

By Hazel Gale
Read by Hazel Gale

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Imagine a life without limitation - learn techniques to combat self-doubt, maximise success and improve everyday happiness.

Imagine a life without limitation - learn techniques to combat self-doubt, maximise success and improve everyday happiness.

We all do things that we wish we wouldn't in life. We underperform, procrastinate, push people away and say the wrong things. But what if we could find a way to beat our destructive tendencies at their own game? Fight explains the psychology of self-sabotage and offers techniques for taking control of your thoughts, to maximise success and thrive.

While training as a competitive boxer and kickboxer, Hazel Gale developed anxiety issues that led to emotional and physical burnout. Cognitive hypnotherapy helped her get back into competition after illness and turn her life around - she felt compelled to spread its profound benefits and is now one of the most sought-after practitioners in the country.

Cognitive hypnotherapy understands that the unconscious and conscious minds have different priorities and that the unconscious governs a large percentage of our behaviour. It is this part of the mind that is responsible for self-sabotage and in order to tackle unwanted emotional or behavioural issues, we need to communicate with it. Fight is a one-to-one therapy session with Hazel that will show you how to address the psychological blocks that hold you back, equip you with the tools to manage negative emotions, overcome them and emerge victorious.

You'll learn how to battle those inner monsters and let go of limitations, to reach your true potential and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

The audiobook, read by author Hazel Gale, contains four additional guided meditations.

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Biographical Notes

Hazel Gale is a master practitioner of cognitive hypnotherapy, author and ex-athlete. Having competed internationally as a kickboxer and boxer, achieving World and National titles in the two sports respectively, she's well-versed in both the drive to succeed and the anxiety that can so often come hand-in-hand with that. In her practice and in her writing, Hazel aims to help others emerge victorious from their own battles, whatever they may be.

Fight is Hazel's first book. It explores the psychology of self-sabotage while taking you on her journey, and offers a practical guide to reclaiming your self-control.

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  • Publication date: 22 Mar 2018
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