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    • ISBN:9781473653504
    • Publication date:01 Jun 2017
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    • Publication date:01 Jun 2017
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Deep Thinking

Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins

By Garry Kasparov

  • Paperback
  • £10.99

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  • ISBN: 9781473653511
  • Publication date: 05 Apr 2018
  • Page count: 304
  • Imprint: John Murray
Excellent... No scientist or tech entrepreneur could make the positive case for the digital revolution with the passionate conviction that Kasparov brings. Not many tragic heroes live to tell the tale. This one did — THE TIMES
A gripping account of an intellectual battle like no other.. For fans, it will be like reading Nelson's postmatch analysis of Trafalgar . . . Deep Thinking is both a lesson in not panicking prematurely and a warning about knowing who your real opponent is — DAILY TELEGRAPH
Fascinating . . . an impressively researched history of AI and the field's ongoing obsession with chess . . . with enough detail to satisfy chess enthusiasts, while providing a thrilling narrative for the casual reader. Deep Thinking delivers a rare balance of analysis and narrative, weaving commentary about technological progress with an inside look at one of the most important chess matches ever played — DEMIS HASSABIS, NATURE
The raw emotion of that encounter in New York bursts out of the pages of Kasparov's gripping story. What is striking, and reassuring, is that far from raging against the machine, Kasparov marvels at the capabilities of computers and is excited by the possibilities for future collaboration.This reads at times like a fast-paced psychological thriller. Chess fans will be engrossed by Kasparov's tale but the book deserves a far broader readership — John Thornhill, FINANCIAL TIMES
An absorbing, page-turning thriller that weaves a personal account of intellectual combat with the wider picture of what it's like to come up against a powerful corporation that is determined to do whatever it takes to crush opposition. Not just a tale of human vs machine, this is also a story about one man vs The Man. — OBSERVER
As Kasparov recounts in arresting detail what it felt like to compete cognitively with a machine, he extrapolates his experience into an optimistic perspective on how computerized intelligence can enhance rather than overwhelm human brainpower, and instead of eliminating jobs and opportunities, can actually generate them. — BOOKLIST
Garry Kasparov's perspectives on artificial intelligence are borne of personal experience - and despite that, are optimistic, wise and compelling. It's one thing for the giants of Silicon Valley to tell us our future is bright; it is another thing to hear it from the man who squared off with the world's most powerful computer, with the whole world watching, and his very identity at stake. — CHARLES DUHIGG, author of 'Smarter Faster Better'
Intelligent, absorbing...thoughtful reading for anyone interested in human and machine cognition and a must for chess fans — KIRKUS (starred review)
DEEP THINKING is an absorbing, often brilliant book which no chess-lover should miss — Edward Winter, CHESSHISTORY.COM
The great Garry Kasparov takes on the key economic issue of our time: how we can thrive as humans in a world of thinking machines. This important and optimistic book explains what we as humans are uniquely qualified to do. Instead or wringing our hands about robots, we should all read this book and embrace the future. — WALTER ISAACSON, author of 'The Innovators'
From the man at the epi-center of one of the ten defining moments of the 20th century, a fascinating and insightful overview of how computers came to surpass humans at chess, and what it means for mankind. Deeply researched and clearly exposited, it is also a revealing portrait of what it is like to be a real-life John Henry pitted against the steam hammer. — KEN ROGOFF, author of 'This Time is Different'
A highly human exploration of artificial intelligence, its exciting possibilities and inherent limits. — MAX LEVCHIN, cofounder of PayPal and CEO of Affirm
A book dripping with evangelical zeal — Sunday Business Post
At a time when fears about computer intelligence have become "existential", Kasparov has revisited the experience in a timely, thoughtful memoir. Part page-turning thriller, part meditation on the idea of thinking machines, Deep Thinking is both gripping and measured — Book of the Week, THE WEEK
This book is prompted by the accident of history that meant Garry Kasparov was the finest chess player in the world at the point at which computers exceeded the ability of humans. It is about chess and programming - but also about the wider implications of artificial intelligence — THE TIMES, Science Books of the Year
An entertainingly pugnacious mix of memoir and more general arguments about how we should learn to live with our thinking machines — DAILY TELEGRAPH, Science Books of the Year