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    • ISBN:9781444792867
    • Publication date:26 Mar 2015
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    • Publication date:27 Jun 2014

Quiet Impact

How to be a successful Introvert

By Sylvia Loehken

  • Paperback
  • £11.99

International bestseller which will take the UK by storm.

Most literature on business, communication and success is focused on extroverts, who feel comfortable networking, talking and being the centre of attention. But at least 30% of the population are introverts, and they are now finding their voice.

Quiet Impact - How to Be a Successful Introvert is already an international phenomenon. Using the latest psychological research, and Dr Loehken's own extensive experience coaching introverts in the workplace, it is packed with practical advice which is easy to implement.

Dr Loehken identifies 10 strengths specific strengths that introverts often have (such as independence, perseverance and writing), and also identifies ten specific hurdles they often have to overcome (such as hyperstimulation, intellectualism and fear of conflict).

Biographical Notes

Dr Sylvia Loehken is an introvert and a highly in-demand coach and speaker who specialises in how introverts can make an impact in the workplace. Having originally been a rather fearful public speaker herself, in 2012 she was named 'Speaker of the Year' in Germany. She has a PhD in linguistics and communication, and is a qualified coach. She works with many of Europe's leading companies and institutions such as Berlin Regional Bank, Vienna University of Economics and Business, and University of Hamburg.

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  • ISBN: 9781444792850
  • Publication date: 27 Jun 2014
  • Page count: 224
  • Imprint: John Murray Learning