Les Isaac and Rosalind Davies - Faith on the Streets: Christians in action through the Street Pastors movement - Hodder & Stoughton

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    • ISBN:9781444750102
    • Publication date:21 May 2015
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    • Publication date:22 May 2014

Faith on the Streets: Christians in action through the Street Pastors movement

By Les Isaac and Rosalind Davies

  • Paperback
  • £13.99

Street Pastors has touched many lives in the eleven years since its launch in the UK. This book collects together some of those people and tells the stories of their connection to Street Pastors.

11,000 trained volunteers
11 years
280 towns
8 countries
100,000 pairs of flip-flops

- these are the numbers that are bringing about change, town by town, to the face of the UK... and more and more countries around the world. Since 2003, Street Pastors have been a fixture of the night-time high street: friendly faces and a reassuring presence, defusing tension and helping people get home safely.

These are the Street Pastors: caring; listening; helping.

And this is the church in action - taking its faith on the streets.

Biographical Notes

Les Isaac is the founder of the Street Pastors initiative. Born in Antigua, Les was a Rastafarian involved in London's gang scene before he became a Christian. He went on to work as a church leader for over twenty years, always seeking to engage with the same hard-to-reach communities that he came from. He is the author of Street Pastors, Relevant Church and Dreadlocks, and the director of Ascension Trust, which administrates and leads the Street Pastors movement.

Rosalind Davies is a writer and editor who has worked with Les Isaac and Ascension Trust on a variety of publications, and is the co-author of Street Pastors.

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  • ISBN: 9781444750096
  • Publication date: 22 May 2014
  • Page count: 224
  • Imprint: Hodder & Stoughton
the book will inspire readers as it relates the stories which show how the work of the volunteers has changed the face of the night-life scene in many towns and the lives of those involved — Together Magazine
A familiar and valued presence on the high street. — Sally Magnusson, BBC Radio Scotland
Les Isaac and Rosalind Davies write about them [Street Pastors] and go behind the scenes to tell their story . . . Short, meaningful encounters have changed lives. — Church of England Newspaper

"Les Isaac and his band of pioneers" Ed Stourton

"I couldn't just sit in church and pray about it, I had to do something practical. Drug dealers asked us for prayer and told us why they were selling drugs, people began to unburden their problems." Les Isaac on BBC Radio 4

— BBC Radio 4
Faith on the streets is an account of the positive impact of street pastors and begins with an account of Les' childhood and teenage years and his journey to Christian faith. It contains interviews and powerful testimonies from police officers, church leaders, street pastors, school pastors, head teachers and the Mayor of Lewisham. — The Evangelical Alliance
Fathers interested in social change, taking Christianity into their own community or the Good Samaritan story will form a connection with this book. — Church of England Newspaper
Les Isaac has been a guest with Claire Balding on her Radio 2 Sunday morning show. — BBC Radio 2
Faith on the Streets brings the story [of Street Pastors] up to date in a mixture of personal narrative, social and organisational history and some outlining of facts and figures. — Amy Boucher Pye, Woman Alive
What a wonderful way for the church to be seen as caring, relevant and a crucial part of the community. — Amy Boucher Pye, Woman Alive
This book is eminently readable, a mix of testimony, Isaac's own faith journey and proof of the value of both ecumenism and strong local partnerships with Police. — The Church of England Newspaper
I have found it a fascinating read, both in terms of the stories and experiences of the people and the way in which the street pastor movement has spread. — Faith Initiative
What makes this book so very fresh and intelligent is that it doesn't just laud the work or report the changed lives that can result from an organisation underpinned by prayer. It seriously explores the part that Christian-led volunteers can play in the infrastructure of public life. — Church Times
This clear and lively book is a richly rewarding exploration of Street Pastors . . . This is a great and thought provoking book. — Urban Bulletin
It's encouraging to read about the initial and continuing challenges that Street Pastors face. — Christianity Mag