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    • ISBN:9781848949782
    • Publication date:14 Oct 2010
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Anger Management (for Beginners)

By Giles Coren

  • Paperback
  • £9.99

Star of BBC's Supersizers and hugely popular The Times columnist's works through his anger about everything from dogs to cycle helmets.

Fat people,
Formula One,
Wheelie luggage
Cycle helmets,
Processed ham,
Are you all wound up? Boiling and ready to blow? Breathe deeply. Relax.
Master of spleen Giles Coren, author of what The Guardian called 'The Maddest Email Ever', has an unbeatable technique for working through the anger: He does it for you.

Biographical Notes

Giles Coren has been a restaurant critic for The Times for the last ten years. Before that, he was restaurant critic of the Independent on Sunday. Before that, he was restaurant critic for Tatler. Before that, he was a journalist. In 2005, he was named Food and Drink Writer of the Year, published his first (and last) novel, Winkler and began presenting The F-Word on Channel 4 with Gordon Ramsay. Since then, he has presented a documentary series on biotechnology in the food chain (Animal Farm), a polemical film about the obesity crisis (Tax the Fat), and three series of The Supersizers Go...with Sue Perkins, who does the funny stuff whilst Coren eats his way through 2,000 years of food history with the table manners of a pig recently released from prison. His most recent television series, Our Food, aired on BBC2 in April 2012. He lives in Kentish Town with his wife, the writer Esther Walker, and his daughter, the toddler Kitty Coren, who recently developed a taste for good dim sum and will thus be allowed to stay.

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  • ISBN: 9781444706888
  • Publication date: 14 Oct 2010
  • Page count: 256
  • Imprint: Hodder Paperbacks
Coren gets to do what he does best - toot the horn of his blazing wit and linguistic skill, best exercised in relation to himself - and we realise there's scope for irritation about things we'd never even considered before. Coren fans will devour these short bursts of vitriol - it's his classic and best prose. Some will roll their eyes at his narcissism but let's face it, if there's one writer who can pull off a stunt like this, it's Mr Coren. — City AM
The anger bit is pretty obvious but the management aspect is more mysterious. Unless it's that any unsuspecting angry nutter who picks it up assuming it's a self-help manual will eventually put it down thinking, blimey, I don't have a problem at all next to Psycho there. — Spectrum
This Week We're... wishing we could be as blunt about life as Giles Coren in his book Anger Management for Beginners...Obesity, footballers, skiing, cycle helmets, barcodes, dogs - nothing escapes his well-aimed, acerbic barbs. We might have the beginnings of an inappropriate crush... — Glasgow Herald
FUNNY. FUNNY. FUNNY. FACT...BRILLIANT book — Claudia Winkleman
There can be few better companions to unwind with on holiday than the irrepressible Giles Coren, who will have you laughing out loud with his left-field take on life's gripes. — Sunday Herald
there's wit and verve here — Sunday Business Post