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    • ISBN:9781848940567
    • Publication date:24 Aug 2006
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The Cosmic Ordering Service

'It's fantastic' (Noel Edmonds)

By Barbel Mohr

  • Paperback
  • £9.99

The bestselling self-help classic which, like The Secret and Law of Attraction, helps to bring you what you wish for, and is credited by Noel Edmonds for reviving his career and turning his life around.

THE COSMIC ORDERING SERVICE is recognised as the book that turned TV presenter Noel Edmonds' life around. Bestselling author Barbel Mohr teaches you how to fulfil all your wishes - just by placing an order with the universe.
She has used the Cosmic Ordering Service to gain her dream job, the ideal man, money, health - even a castle to live in! Mohr has taught hundreds and thousands of others how to listen to their inner voice, place their order, sit back, and let marvellous things happen.

Biographical Notes

Barbel was born in Bonn, Germany. She travels widely to promote better living through her seminars and lectures. She has published twelve self-help and children`s books. Visit Barbel at

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  • ISBN: 9780340933329
  • Publication date: 24 Aug 2006
  • Page count: 112
  • Imprint: Hodder Paperbacks
'It's fantastic.' — Noel Edmonds
'It's a perfect creed for the age - no commitment but unlimited benefits... Anyone familiar with, say, Waitrose's Ocado grocery delivery service will also grasp the basics of Cosmic Ordering. You just write down what you want, set a delivery date and wait for it to arrive. What's more, there's nothing to pay.' — The Daily Telegraph
'Help the universe help you.' — The Daily Mail